Friday, June 14, 2019

Ngute Government: Manaouda Malachi Fills Shortcomings of Ketcha Courtes

The ministerial reshuffle of January 4 saw the entry into the government of several new ministers among whom Célestine Courtes Ketcha and Manaouda Malachie.

Very early, these two personalities wanted to stand out by direct actions on the ground in an environment plagued by inertia and corruption. Paul Biya, in his end-of-year speeches for 30 years, talks about these scourges that he has unfortunately never been able to eradicate.

Short Ketcha inherits a department that crystallizes the failure of the achievements of large projects, the 334 public contracts terminated across the country by the Ministry of Public Procurement, 21 are Mindhu, out of a total of more than 80 ministries.

Between poorly mounted projects, corruption, embezzlement and inertia, almost all the work led by Cameroonian officials have not been carried out since their start several years ago. Courtes Ketcha has embarked on the seduction of the Cameroonian public with promises of big projects; the announcement of the imminent start of the works of the Tramway in the main cities Douala-Yaoundé was announced for the first half of 2019 and delivered in 2021.

While Pizzarotti had cashed several tens of billions for the start of the construction project of social housing Bankomo Minister Mbwentchou time, Courtes Ketcha promised the start of work immediately. Then a second social housing project with the company Duval and Cimencam.

Short Ketcha should have explained to Cameroon why 800 social housing expected from Moroccans since 2014, date of commencement of work, five years after the rate of change is 45%, why the project of 10,000 social housing by China has not delivered only 1320 after seven years, or why the highway Yaounde Nsimalen which she announced the imminent end of the work with a rate of execution according to his remarks of 90% there is 06 months which so far is not finished .

Lastly, evoking the resumption of the rehabilitation work of the Municipal Lake, the ex-mayor of Bangangté would rather be launched not in effective actions, but the sensational, see the bluff, which is reflected in the activities of Community Managers Mindhu whose publications are entirely oriented not on the work and challenges of urban development, but rather on the activities of the minister.

The Manaouda Malachi method

Six Ministry of Health contracts were terminated by the Ministry of Public Procurement. Even if the public does not know the nature of these markets, it is obvious that the projects of this ministry could not escape the logic of the governance by the inertia, the corruption and the embezzlements.

In the opinion of several experts, negligence of patients is the leading cause of death in Cameroonian hospitals.A survey carried out by Cameroon Liberty on a sample of 30 inhabitants of the Village Grand Elf neighborhood reveals that all 30 prefer to go for treatment at "the doctor's" neighborhood instead of going to a public hospital.

Auletch has made a diagnosis of the environment of the Cameroonian public hospitals, it thus reveals as cause of the rejection of these public institutions by the populations, the bad reputation of the public hospitals on the thefts of babies, the doctors who turn the patients around. to lengthen bills, blood speculation received for free, endless protocols (the patient must queue to buy the ticket, pray that the Laborantin is not far from his office, queuing at the pharmacy for the first time care, etc ...), the nurse who always has a wrinkled face, usually no explanation of the treatment that you inflicted, the eternal breaking of drugs to direct you to the pharmacies of friends, etc ...

Manaouda Malachie after a few visits to public hospitals in Yaounde, quickly understood the urgency and the impact of sanitation in the field of public health. his colleague from Mindhu, Malachi did not want to communicate on the sites of referral hospitals and other health infrastructures that are struggling to move forward, he chose what apparently seems to be the root of all evils, corruption and inertia.

On June 10, 2016, Manaouda Malachie sets up a watch committee on the quality of care. "A comprehensive monthly report of the functioning and malfunctions of the health structures of your jurisdictions will now be the rule, within the health monitoring committee that I just instituted both at central and regional level?", can you read in his letter.

It is a question for the health staff, to make sure that their acts and their services are in the sense of assisting, appeasing and lightening the patients, this under the supervision of the officials of the public hospitals called by this fact to ensure the proper functioning of their structures, taking into account emergencies, hospitalizations, access to medication, monitoring the path of patients, etc.

"It is probably indicated that each organization has a document in the form of a leaflet or other appropriate means of communication, which gives all the necessary information to the users. It is also their responsibility to ensure better governance of the resources available to them and to make a regular report. They must set priorities, such as the renewal of equipment that falls under their jurisdiction and the improvement of the conditions of safety, hygiene and sanitation in their respective health facilities ", writes Malachie Manaouda.

Can we hope for positive results regarding the dynamics set up by the MINSANTE?

The evaluation will be done on the denunciations of the patients or it will put together a monitoring team to furrow the public institutions of health?

In the meantime, the Community Manager of the Ministry of Health can correct their Mindhu colleagues by orienting their communication not on the minister but on the achievements.

The Mindhu will be able to talk about the convention, partnership and many others signed with international partners all day long. Cameroonians want to know that there will be no more floods tomorrow, if social housing is built and accessible for all or if the roads are tarred.