Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Negotiations in Switzerland: Ambazonia leader Sako confirms information

One of the prominent Ambazonia figures, Dr. Ikome Samuel Sako, suggested that discussions were already under way between his movement and the government of Cameroon.

Dr. Sako, who heads the interim government of Ambazonia (IG), recently announced the news on his Facebook page. If we really want a negotiated settlement, we can not ignore direct informal or indirect talks with constituents or facilitators on the other side, "Sako said.

According to Sako, who took charge of the interim government of Ambazonia after the arrest and incarceration of the leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, in January 2018, it would be in bad faith to abandon any attempt to dialogue with the Cameroonian government.

He criticized these arguments as insincere. "Those who have celebrated meetings in Belgium with facilitators and are now trying to question a meeting with Swiss government officials who are trying to facilitate dialogue efforts with the LRC (Government of Cameroon) are sincere," he said. -he declares.

Sako also revealed that the Biya regime had officially appointed Switzerland as a mediator in the conflict - "The LRC (Government of Cameroon) has declared Switzerland as a mediator".

Sako's visit confirms earlier reports that underground talks were already taking place under the auspices of Switzerland.The news was first made public by the French newspaper Le Monde.

It should be noted that last month the National Times published an article in which it was reported that the Biya regime already had informal discussions with the leaders of the Ambazonia movement.

The discussions were organized on behalf of the Biya regime by the Swiss Center for Humanitarian Dialogue.

The meetings also revealed the signing of a joint statement by the leaders of Ambazonia on May 28, including Samuel Sako, declaring their willingness to hold formal talks with members of the Biya regime.

Sako's revelation did not work well with some Ambazonia leaders, who criticize him for being too ambitious and who will negotiate with a government that has shown very little faith as fighting and human rights violations man continue.

According to this school of thought, Sako and his cohorts might make another Foumban mistake in which the former British government of Southern Cameroon, led by Dr. John Ngu Foncha, was unable to negotiate a more equitable agreement for its inhabitants.

The latest unconfirmed reports indicate that some Ambazonia leaders would be in Switzerland on Monday and Tuesday to talk to an undisclosed Swiss organization.

In Cameroon, lawyer Fru John Nsoh, so far the lead counsel for detained Ambazonia executives, said that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was already in talks with Paul Biya's Cabinet Director, Samuel Mvondo Ayollo.

However, on the ground, the war continues to rage.

Source: National Times