Sunday, June 30, 2019

Latest: What H.E Ayuk Tabe told me when I visited him in prison, says Eric Chinje

Ayuk Tabe told me why he wanted to divide the country in two' Eric Chinje.

The former journalist of the national radio and television, Eric Chinje was the guest of Michael Doppas this Sunday, June 30, 2019 on Soleil FM, as part of the show Vitrine Sonore.

During this broadcast, the director general of African Media, was asked about the topics that make the news in Cameroon.

Asked about the reasons for his recent visit to the central prison of Kondengui where are embastillated several Cameroonian political figures, the reporter explains: "I went to Kondengui to see my friend Penda Ekoka. My request was to see him. I was happy to get there, and see that in the yard there were other people. I did not even know that Ajuk Tabe was in the same neighborhood as Penda. I went there just for Penda Ekoka because he knows I can not get to Cameroon without trying to see him. Penda Ekoka is someone for whom I have a lot of respect. He even launched an initiative called AGIR, and I wanted to better understand what it means and support him if I could? ", He says.

Eric Chinje says that his visit to this prison has allowed him to get closer to other political prisoners, and understand the aspirations of each: "I did not know that going there, I also went to see Professor Kamto. I was happy to see all this people, and God loves me very much, it allowed me to meet Ayuk Tabe. Because I wanted to talk to him too, to understand what drove him to take the direction he took? "
According to him, "We must seek to understand what drove a Cameroonian to want to divide the country. He told me why he wanted to cut the country in two.We talked about all that. And besides, this remains his goal. We must listen to each other. It is by listening that we will find solutions to the problems of this country. I do not think there is an anglophone crisis, there is a crisis in Cameroon, at the very end it is a francophone crisis? "

The journalist believes that all political prisoners charged with embezzlement should be released, "provided they hand over all that they stole. They agree to never build even a second home (we give them a house, a car, if they want). The President of the Republic knows who has what and where. Those who bought the apartments at Avenue Foch in Paris, we sell all that, we put the money in the coffers of the state? ", He asked on the airwaves of the 104.0