Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Kribi: a Baccalaureate candidate gives birth during examination

Her name is Miami, candidate for the A4 Baccalaureate Spanish series, bilingual school of Kribi.

The newspaper La Nouvelle Expression on newsstands Monday, May 3, 2019 reports that Miami, a candidate for the Spanish Baccalaureate A4 has given birth in full review period. So she had managed to pass the tests of the first day without problem. "The girl regularly enrolled in the Spanish Terminale A4 class was surprised by prenatal contractions on the second day of the exam, when she had already completed the first test of the day," reads the daily.

The diary says that the warders, seeing the girl writhing in pain, initially thought that cheating was going on, before going to the evidence that it was pre-delivery pains.

Convinced that Miami was in the midst of labor unrest, the supervisors will alert the center chief. Thus, "a teacher's vehicle will be immediately transformed into a special ambulance for the Kribi district hospital maternity ward, where it will give birth to a pretty little girl," notes La Nouvelle Expression.

Our colleague also said that the chief of the baccalaureate examination center of the Kribi High School for the 2019 session, remained formal: "the candidate Miami ° 279, room 212 is automatically eliminated, her absence earned her an eliminatory grade" .

For the young mother, it's not that bad "I'm going to catch up next year; health first, "she said in the columns of La Nouvelle Expression. Aware of the pain of childbirth, the mother of Miami at his bedside, will say after his daughter: "the baby is far better than a paper baccalaureate."

"In many schools, girls are strutting with pregnancies like war trophies without being worried ... Yet... The Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon, in Circular No. 10/1/562 / MINESEC / EPM / EP provides that any high school girl who has external signs of pregnancy, will be suspended classes and will be readmitted only if, after delivery, it meets the conditions of age and conduct, "says the daily.

Source: cameroon-info.net