Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kamto case: Joshua Osih criticizes the MRC and its white steps

Supporters of former presidential candidate Maurice Kamto are already on three raids on the streets. They fundamentally protest against what they call the electoral heist in their coalition.

In jail since the end of January after another demonstration degenerated on the breaks diplomatic representations of Cameroon in Europe, Maurice Kamto maintains the pressure on the authorities of Yaounde and still considers himself the "elected" president.

His supporters were again in the streets of Yaounde on Saturday, June 08, 2019, despite an impressive security device in place. Hundreds of them will be embassed, a figure disputed by the government.

Nevertheless, the MRC is not ready to give up its political fight, an approach that sees a bad eye the standard bearer of the SDF for the last presidential election. Joshua Osih spoke on the subject during a program (Word of Man) on Canal 2.


We are for social justice, we are for democracy, we are for freedom of expression. It's not because it's the MRC.

Even if it was the CPDM that came to the streets to demonstrate, we as social democrats, we can only be in solidarity.Because that's what we advocate.

This is what we want to give Cameroon.Unfortunately, I think that somewhere the MRC has the wrong strategy, the wrong approach because it is clear that until now it does not work.

But so far we are in solidarity, there is no doubt These are not marches of the opposition.

In Cameroon, we tend to make opposition a basket.

In opposition there is the far right, the far left, the left center to which I belong. I am basically a social democrat.

It is not because I am basically a social democrat that when a party because it is in the opposition starts to walk I will run and walk with them.

We have our agenda, we are structured, organized. When Jean Michel Nintcheu Regional President of the Littoral asked to walk, being one of his activists in the Littoral I was walking with him and we walked