Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kamto arrested: MRC deputy puts Biya on hold

The only member of the MRC granted an interview to the newspaper Le Messager on newsstands June 26. He analyzed the question of prorogation of the mandates of deputies and municipal councilors, the atmosphere in the party despite the interpellation of its leader, but especially civil liberties in Cameroon.

How do you analyze the question of the prorogation of the mandates of MPs and municipal councilors being debated at this time?

For now, I put this in the context of rumors, because we have not yet officially received this text at the level of the National Assembly.

And if it were confirmed, would the MRC lose or win in this affair?

The MRC does not wait for extension. At every moment an election is announced, we are ready day and night to prepare the elections. The number of MRC representatives in parliament or municipal councils should know who knows an increase; but we will have to wait, is not a handicap?

At this level, we do not have to describe what the President of the Republic does, we look at what the law says. It would not be a gift if he summons the electorate today, it would not be a gift if he extends.

What do you say about the issue of civil liberties in Cameroon with the systematic ban on the marches of your political party?

When you have won a democratic election, why prevent others from expressing themselves freely. There is something wrong. Because every person who owns what does not belong to him is always watching at the window if someone comes. There is, for example, the ban on Titus Edzoa's lecture, which is part of what we denounce in all the methods of power in power.

So far, the MRC continues to challenge Paul Biya's victory in the last presidential election.

We are talking about the elected president, but there is a self-proclaimed president of election cheating. We are responsible for our commitments. We still think that the last elections were not fair.Maurice Kamto is in prison with his allies despite the eyes of the international community.

Does not that affect your morale?

Maurice Kamto is a person and the party is an ideology. Which means that if the regime puts Kamto in prison, there are still 100 Kamto out there and as long as we can, we will walk until things are fair in Cameroon.