Saturday, June 29, 2019

From Kondengui, Anglophone detainees reject Swiss mediation

The mediation of the Swiss Confederation in the multifaceted crisis that is shaking Cameroon is not seen favorably by some prisoners of the Anglophone crisis. They spoke on the issue via a statement posted on the Internet. Under the pen of its general coordinator Bertin Kisob, AGPAC takes a position rejecting the choice of Swiss diplomats and mentions several reasons. "We, Ambazonian prisoners of war currently imprisoned in the infamous prisons of Cameroon, reject with the utmost energy the mediation of Switzerland about the Anglophone crisis. Indeed, we do not trust the Swiss. Because, history tells us that a Swiss is not a man of honor. We all know, for example, that during the Second World War, while the rest of the world was killing each other, the Swiss under cover of a false neutrality strove instead to organize the lucrative trafficking of gold and wealth stolen by the Nazis. and Hitler, "he accuses.

He also denounces the presumed proximity of the Cameroonian president with this country and its leaders even suspecting him of intelligence with them."In addition Biya is very close to them and some generally knowledgeable people say he is a Swiss citizen. Not to mention the fact that we have viable information that Switzerland has a secret deal with Biya to impose federalism on Ambazonians in exchange for safeguarding the interests of the Swiss chocolate industry in Cameroon, "says" Reverend "Kisob , in prison in Kondengui.

English-speaking prisoners only want "negotiation in a truly neutral country, with the US, the Carter Foundation, AU and UN as facilitators and mediators." They believe that "no effective negotiation will take place if there is even a single Ambazonian prisoner of war in Cameroon jails! "