Thursday, June 13, 2019


Cameroon is shaken by a series of multifaceted crises. The entourage of Paul Biya indexed.

Multiple crises

The newspaper Info Matin found the right words Ngoh Ngoh: "The evil genius Paul Biya" And for good reason: The Sg / Pr and Minister of State crystallizes controversy and brings bad luck to the President of the Republic. In a sociopolitical setting that challenges. In fact, "Never, in the memory of the observer, has Cameroon been so much shaken by the multifaceted crises as in recent years. Never, no doubt, will the country have been so shaken on its foundations in the political, economic, social and security fields "

The entourage of Paul Biya indexed.

And all eyes are turned to the head of state, which although shaken by the tests, accuses the blow.Moved by the determination not to deviate from its options of peace, unity, national cohesion and development of the country ... And the newspaper to point finger the entourage of the Head of State, object of all his misfortunes " Paul Biya nevertheless seems to be confronted by an entourage whose action is obviously to stall all efforts on the political, security and governance levels "Among which is Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh" In the forefront of these men who seem to crystallize the controversy and bring bad luck to Paul Biya, finds himself his general secretary (Sg / Pr) and, since January 4, Minister of State, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh ... "

Tribalism invites itself

Only, with a zest of tribalism, we seek a lifeline for Cameroon plunged into turmoil. For the Journal Le Jour, political action is plagued by "tracking down facies" Several activists from the MRC were arrested last weekend on the basis of their ethnicity.

Need for inclusive dialogue

And yet, Cameroon Tribune magnifies "The virtues of dialogue" as a solution to the crisis in the northwestern and southwestern regions. In fact, following the visit made in the field by the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, bearer of the offer of peace and dialogue of the President of the Republic. Parliamentarians are not left behind. The newspaper Barom├Ętre Communautaire talks about the "beginnings of the Dialogue between CPDM, SDF, UDC and UPC parliamentarians", parties represented in both chambers. At the opening session of the second ordinary session of the legislative 2019, on June 10, the presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate welcomed the initiative of the President of the Republic to open a dialogue on the crisis in the NOSO regions. Nearly all parliamentarians in the National Assembly and the Senate - opposition parties and opposition parties - met last Monday and are eager to hold this dialogue. A national dialogue they want inclusive and without taboos except for the point on the partition of Cameroon as envisaged by the President of the Republic.