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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Embezzlement and misappropriation at the UPC: Baleguel Nkot has been suspended

Suspended at a meeting of the Steering Committee chaired by Habiba Issa, Pierre Baleguel Nkot says he does not consider this sanction.

"I remain and remain the secretary general of UPc. I do not know where Robert Bapooh Lipot comes from. In addition Habiba Issa who chaired the Steering Committee whose resolutions led to my suspension, had been suspended from the Steering Committee, "he says. As an argument, Pierre Baleguel refers to "Resolution No. 2 temporarily suspending the Steering Committee" of Habiba Issa, Steering Committee meeting in extraordinary session on August 28, 2018.

He reported that Habiba Issa had been replaced by Fran├žois Zogning. A statement that rejects the one that is indexed. The latter, for its part, to justify the decision taken against Pierre Baleguel Nkot, refers to financial malpractices and withdrawals of money from the party's account for personal purposes.

"During this meeting, I wanted to have a 3rd Secretary General of the party, but the Steering Committee has chosen Robert Bapooh Lipot, which is what justifies my rapprochement with the latter. It is in order to put an end to the discord and the conflicts which undermine (our) party, it is to bring back peace within the Upc ", explains the one which had been itself suspended by Pierre Baleguel Nkot of the party's Steering Committee, about a year ago.

Habiba Issa adds that the absence of Pierre Baleguel Nkot also translated his will to stand aside. It should be remembered, however, that the UPc held on June 8, 2019 in the city of Edea, a meeting initiated by the mis en cause. The holding of this meeting had been banned by the sub-prefect on the pretext that the only interlocutor of the party recognized by a note of Paul Atanga Nji is Robert Bapooh Lipot.