Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Decentralization: the Bassa people claim a region

"We are in the era of decentralization and we are waiting for it. You can not wait for an event if you do not have it at home. This is the cry of the heart of the president of the Bassa-Bâti-Mpo'o Teachers Association of Cameroon Universities (Asebamuc), Bitjong Ndom-bol. From this observation, was born the idea of ​​claiming a "region" specific to the sons and daughters of the department of Haute Sanaga, Littoral region. It was during a cultural meeting held on June 22 at the bishopric of Edea.

Indeed, this trilogical ethnic group wants its unity, as well as the fraternal reunion, both administratively and culturally. "The structuring projects of the country bypass the Bassa-Bâti-Mpo'o people," laments Marinette Ngo Yetna, a girl from the locality. In this perspective, this administrative unit would take the name of the "Grande Sanaga maritime".

As a result, a number of problems push him to make this wish. These include issues of development, social cohesion, living together, and so on. "For example, about Mbombock and Mpekè, it's the same body. But one is in the Bakoko and the other in the Bassa. So you have to combine the two, "says Michel Tjade Eoné, son of the corner.

But, "This is not an identity retreat, since it is by no means a claim of identity type in terms of rupture. We do not advocate breaking up. We just want to claim our reunion inside the entity, "adds Marinette Ngo Yetna. It must be said that Asebamuc is at the center of this concept.

According to some members of the association, in the past they had approached this "problem" from a political angle, given that some of their sons and daughters were close to power. They did so, they say, because they had no written basis. Now, "the data has changed," they say.

Moreover, in all the steps that they will henceforth undertake, they give themselves the mission of associating all three components (Bassa-Bâti-Mpo'o), both in the drafting and in the signing of certain documents.

Source: actucameroun.com