Thursday, June 13, 2019

Crime: an artist in Mbouda reportedly killed and eats the head of his victim

The unusual scene took place Sunday, June 3 in Bamessingue City in the Mbouda district in the Bamboutos region of western Cameroon, learned

According to journalist Julio Trésor Tanon, a reporter for Canal 2 International, who reports the facts, the perpetrator of the crime is a young man of about 25, a former student at the Foumban Institute of Arts.

All starts from Thursday, May 31, while the young man is at a healer in the city. He is at this moment, in a delirious state, and to control him the "doctor of the fools" chained him (feet and hands). "The student was deprived of food if he did not confess".

Surprisingly, the young man will manage to free himself from the chains. "He climbs the fence and goes in search of game for" a sacrifice, "says Julio Trésor Tanon. "I first stopped a pig to kill. The spirits refused. I also stopped a cat and they always refused. It was absolutely necessary a human. And I stayed in the corn issue to hunt down the newcomer.Says the assassin.

"This is how one of the patients at the center, the 17-year-old Jordan, from Batcham, is going to be taken by surprise by his predator. The 21-year-old Franky killer uses a knife to stab him in the head.Eaten his nose, his eyes and his tongue before making the stool on the body of his victim. He will stay in front of the body, shouting victory. The two families in an inconsolable state do not return. "Continues Julio Tresor Tanon in his account.

Franky is currently staying at the gendarmerie company Mbouda, we learn.