Thursday, June 13, 2019

CPDM crisis: settling of accounts between Jean Nkueté and Tsimi Evouna

The money, intended for the purchase of a brand new 4x4, was hijacked by a nephew of Tsimi Evouna, who instead delivered a second-hand vehicle.

The affair is told under cover, at the headquarters of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc, in power) located in the Lake District, Yaounde. A sordid story, which made sleep the secretary general of the central committee of the training of Paul Biya (Sg / Cc / Rdpc), Jean Nkueté, main victim of a fraud and a breach of trust characterized.

In November 2018, Mr. Nkueté, who plans to purchase a good-quality vehicle, instructs his budget and equipment manager, Joseph Désiré Okala Edoa, to obtain a proforma invoice for a Land Cruiser model. VX from the Toyota Cami dealer. This is a large 4x4 "full option", the kind that many vegetables of the country. The requested document thus displays an amount of 96 million francs that the cashier of the house, Raymond Epassy, ​​eventually collect.

A few days later, the said cashier and the chief of the budget and equipment department are dispatched by their hierarchy in the services of Cami Toyota, located rue de l'Aéroport. At the dealership, Joseph Désiré Okala Edoa is given the funds before rushing into the offices. There followed a long wandering, service in service, before the naive Raymond Epassy, ​​whose role is precisely to disburse and transport the cash, does not agree to ask, by his companion, to return to the service because, says he, the delivery of the fund could drag a little.

Finally alone, Joseph Désiré Okala Edoa goes straight to the first seller of used vehicles in the area, acquires a second-hand model usually called "Dubai opportunity", he will present to the proud owner. Which one sees, at first glance, the deception through the antiquated aspect of the sheet metal, which leaves no doubt about the state of the Toyota Land Cruiser VX. Stuck, the good man claims to have handed the 96 million francs to a certain lady Fouman, which it will later prove that it was certainly commercial Cami Toyota in Yaounde and that, ill at the time of the facts, she is since died. More serious still: in the competent services of the salesman of cars of cars, one supports bitterly not to have not sold the type of case in question since 4 good months.

As proof of his good faith, Mr. Okala Edoa, meanwhile, has in the meantime been scanned for authentic documents of the car dealership, which he brandished proudly. More than reassembled by this deception on the goods, Jean Nkueté refuses to receive the Land Cruiser VX second hand. The vehicle is taken back by the buyer, with a promise of replacement or refund. Since then, Jean Nkueté cries silently in his corner. More serious, the jew's harp has been brought back into the concession of the central committee of the Rdpc, where it has been abandoned since then to bad weather.

It was at this point that the general treasurer of the Rdpc, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, came in to try to calm the anger of the Sg / Cc / Rdpc. In the civil, the no less delegated government near the urban community of Yaounde (CUY) is also the uncle of the head of budget and equipment of the training, a boy he debauched a bank and placed at the head of the party finance department. He tries, as best he can, to protect the nephew while coaxing his victim.

To date, Mr. Nkueté has neither the car nor the money disbursed. The unfortunate man, probably out of fear of trouble, has not lodged a complaint either. Since then, his executioner has never again set foot in his service, telling anyone who wants to hear that he will return only when his boss is disembarked.

It should be noted that Jean Nkueté had accustomed his head of department of the budget and the material to the affairs of management, notably through the printing of the newspaper L'Action for which the central committee drags, one learns also, a big slate while funds intended to satisfy the printer are regularly released. The same Joseph Désiré Okala Edoa, who has managed to gain the trust of his superiors over the years, was also at the heart of the rehabilitation of the future headquarters on the part of the Lake District. A work so well done that, 6 months later, doors began to warp, paint flaking and, before one year, toilets to be out of order.


We ask

ourselves a series of questions Why NKUETE does not dismiss OKALLA?

Is it an administrative tolerance?

NKUETE is under pressure from the camp of TSIMI EVOUNA who gives him a tribal hatred to the point of wishing his departure from the Central Committee?

Or also he is blocked by his handyman MONKAM NITCHEU Fabien with whom OKALLA, said to have shared the 96.000.000.frs.

Or again, NKUETE would be afraid to be hara kiri in respect, to the escapades that he himself would have provoked.

Long live the Republic of Wonderfutkistan: Sex, provide, Money, manipulation, Favorism, Prostitution, corruption, Satanism, ritual crime, with Tribalism in the desert.

In the meantime, the fight continues

And what, Do what, we will win.

Reporter: Patrice Nouma