Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Corruption-Embezzlement: Is Biya a flight school?

A few years ago a persistent rumor ran that a friend of mine was going to be appointed finance minister. Knowing the system for having lived and fought at the same time, I rushed home and said: "Attention dear friend, if the rumor outside is confirmed, do not count on me for give my congratulations. While people will come to congratulate you, I will come instead to sing your funeral oration. " He quickly understood me and with a strong smile told me: "Evariste I will not give you this opportunity. Thanks for the advice ".

Today this anecdote comes back to my mind as a premonition with all that is happening in our country. Cameroon is still in the process of beating another sad record, that of the country in the world where the majority of those who serve the state at the highest level ends up in prison. To the point that one is entitled to ask the question of whether one can enter into this regime and come out clean. Can we serve in the government or in a position of responsible without diverting public money? Many Cameroonians ask themselves these questions when they see the number of ministers and directors-general who systematically go to prison after serving the country. As a result, those who escape this logic are an exception, for the most part shaving the walls or going into exile for fear of being the victims of collective responsibility.The dismissal of a member of the government or a director general is always followed by strong rumors of prohibition of leaving the national territory premonitory to arrest, and in 90% of cases, these rumors are found later.

After Mebe Ngo.o, it is these days the former Minister of Domains, land and land cadastre Jacqueline Koung Bessike and freshly landed Director General of CAMER-Co Ernest Dikoum who made the headlines , in a process of descent into hell that inevitably lead them to join in jail a hundred or so members of government, directors general and senior officials of the administration who for twenty years have left the air-conditioned offices of government, state-owned enterprises or higher administration than to end up in a prison cell. In a most sarcastic black humor, a friend told us the other day that there are more former ministers in prison than free.

Is this an almost unprecedented attempt to radically eradicate a gangrenous cancer at the risk of killing the whole body or totalitarian purge to the North Korean or Stalinist with the certainty that everyone there including the chief will go there or finally the swan field of a system so rotten that he is doomed to disappear as Sodom and Gomorrah. Wait and see