Wednesday, June 26, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: Paul Biya in Switzerland to negotiate with secessionists

The National Movement for Living Together is able to confirm that the main leaders of the various English-speaking separatist factions have begun secret negotiations with the regime to reach an agreement.

Three meetings have already taken place between emissaries of the regime, the separatists and the mediation of a Swiss charity San Eligio, specializing in conflict resolution.

President Paul Biya would have personally traveled to finalize the agreement with the English-speaking separatists.

There during this time continues like sheep to be agitated while the English separatists roll them in the flour.

MNVE salutes the dialogue with the separatists in the name of peace and national reconciliation and calls on the government to broaden this dialogue with all Cameroonian opponents and activists in the name of peace and national cohesion.

Reporter: Junior Zogo