Friday, June 14, 2019

Chief Mukete 'stabs' Paul Biya

In a tribune in the form of Coup de Gueule, on the Anglophone crisis, the politician member of the Rdpc, Saint Eloi Bidoung denounces, indexes and accuses. We offer you here the bulk of this output:

Centennial comments have been burning the socio-political scene for a few days. The shockwave party of the Senate irradiates the debate on the political news of the hour. Between senility, amnesia and rheumatism, the hobbled chief leaning on his cane.

The Senate, this luxury retirement home where the Republic hosts the personalities of the third of the fourth and fifth age; personalities who sometimes and very often have very questionable service records. States of service whose longevities and accumulations of duties as illegal as they are egalitarian are likely to talk mutes who would be eager to break his voice on a platform to say who right there is fed up.

Pathetic personalities during parliamentary sessions. The spectacle of desolation that these nonagenarians, sixties and even hundreds of years old, suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatism and for the most part hugged by the pains of the prostate and the attacks of diabetes, let us see and glimpse a past which is difficult to pass, and a future that is hard to come by. The uselessness of this room known as euphemism (high) is manifested when we attend a session, we are faced with a hemicycle sparse old men snoring like four-stroke engines carburetted direct hemicycle of fortune at the convention center garni some venerable spoils who sleep more than they sleep; while the others, shone by their absence during the works, take advantage of the parliamentary session in Yaoundé and all the stewardship provided by the regulations in force to visit doctors and specialists in the diseases of the elderly. They go back to the edge of the convention center only to come to worry about the delay in the payment of the expenses sessions and to inquire about the probable date of the payment of these. My God!

What can be asked for more than most of those men who have not been able to display force for the development of the country during their youth, and who can do nothing during their old age?

Senility, a rare disease. You can catch malaria and the flu from cradle to grave. All the life. But rare are those who can pride themselves on suffering from senility. You see, With the ever-shorter life expectancy in Cameroon, the price of medicines prescribed by doctors and the insolence of nurses, it is a divine grace to reach that age. The age of being senile.Therefore, all "creatures" must bow to the respectable age of Chief Victor Mukete, a revered traditional chief on the flanks of Mount Cameroon in the Southwest Region and centenary before God and men. An unfortunate case of advanced senility that is of more concern to observers and political actors than gerontologists (specialists in the diseases of the elderly).

With age, we take the opposite direction of human growth. We tend towards the primary state of the baby, at least of the child without science or consciousness, to see without memory. It is the psychological and biological condition of a centenary. He does not know what he's doing and what he says he's like a year-old baby who can wet his panties. And do not ask him to think like his forty years.Either he has forgotten everything or he does not know anything anymore.

My grandfather, former tirailleur in Indochina during the Second World War, died almost centenarian but totally senile. He was lost in the forest in broad daylight, no longer distinguished between cassava and yam and no longer recognized his children. Chief Victor Mukete through his exit reminds me of my grandfather. He does not remember anymore that it is thanks to his activism for reunification that he is what he is. The oldest member of the "upper house" can not remember anything. I did not want to remind him that his big fortune and that of his line, as ostentatious as scandalous, is suspected to be fraudulent and illegal. Moreover the bad languages ​​say that this fortune was built on aggregates of tax frauds, customs delinquencies, scams, interested trades and especially administrative tolerance. Memory does not come back to him anymore. Is there anyone to remind him that he remains outside the laws and laws of the Republic, for more than twenty years, occupying continuously and illegally a position of chairman of council of a public company. And while, during this time, even though he was no longer able to sit more than thirty minutes during the work of the Board of Directors, he will continue to enjoy several benefits including undue medical costs and other amenities he used and abused with ogre bulimia.

I prefer, for my health and public safety, not to go back on the nepotism and favoritism that this venerable centenary had installed in Camtel, when he sat as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Son, nephews, nieces, grandson, son-in-law and other bakweris of his subjects and assimilated ruled the house Camtel. Who was not doing too well in passing. Even an eruption of the Mon Fako will not have done as much damage as those caused by the unproductive preeminence of Chief Victor Mukete as "Chairman of the Board" of Camtel. But at his age, can he remember? Can he remember all these accumulations of functions marked by incompatibilities and illegalities which he has never wanted to separate for years?Illegalities that can make him a traditional leader there, at the foot of Mount Cameroon, but a personality worthy of giving lessons to these Cameroonians he will long frustrated by his greed for the powers, trafficking in influence and its shameful taste for the "advantages of all kinds provided for by the regulations in force"; to the point of violating incompatibilities and multiplying accumulations without any patriotism.

Old gateux and resentful

To have been disembarked from his comfortable chair of Camtel's Board of Directors, where he only used to strip the coffers of the company by undue and exaggerated advantages, here is the traditional leader who finds himself a wisdom . But memory still does not come back to him. He no longer remembers the trust, friendship and respect of the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya in his regard for decades. Perhaps he already feels at the crossroads of a distant past and an uncertain future. Like those who say, "I have nothing left to lose, nothing to gain by more than a hundred years; I do not mind... "It's going to be an old bastard.

In addition to being senile and resentful, in the heart of his Bakweri people, the war is raging. Irredentists threaten the unity of the nation, human lives and private and public goods. There at the foot of Mount Cameroon, men and women die or kill each other, young and old. We never heard the chief's voice for a solution to the crisis; he will never speak of peace or national unity to his subjects. Holder of the mystical and esoteric power of the Bakweri people, he never invoked Efasa Moto, the god who hides in the fog above Mount Cameroon, so that the blood does not flow anymore in the North-West and South-West.

His dubious personal fortune and the undue and multiple advantages that the State of Cameroon offers him do not leave him this time. No ! it is senility.Memory loss accentuated and evolving due to an age too advanced. May God forgive him his misguidance his errors, his uncontrolled and uncontrollable skidings.May God forgive him In three words, "his verbal slip". it's called in two words "High Betrayal". Ivorians "Taper back"