Saturday, June 29, 2019

Chaos around the Biya couple: a Cameroonian protests against pro-Biya

Profitors of all hairs, followers of opportunistic common sense, they have once again choked the trumpets of a patriotism of which they are the only ones to define the criteria. In turn, the unpardonable Benjamin Zebaze anathematizes these Tartufes and denounces these unpatriotic become patriots time to defend the indefensible.

As during the ransacking of Cameroon's embassies by Cameroonians in the diaspora, shocked to see that in the 21st century a national police force could fire on a part of the population who pay it to prevent it from protesting publicly against a dictatorship. the profiters and supporters of the regime have again sound the chimes of "patriotism" with a researcher, to deny any sense to the action of one of the diasporas most attached to their countries of origin, which asks a president that at least half of Cameroonians would like to see themselves exiled, to return to the country to solve the chaos that they sowed there."The only fact that Paul Biya is in a resort with thugs around him while his country is dying, justifies that we no longer have any regard for him" explains the famous journalist, founder of "Challenge Hebdo" of no less famous memory, currently Director of Publication of the newspaper Ouest-Littoral.

Below the entire Reflection Tribune:

The images of what is happening in Switzerland are devastating to what is left of Cameroon's image.

In a normal country and with a normal leader, one could understand the indignation of the Cameroonians who do not accept the cries, in foreign land, of their compatriots indignant by what has been done of their country since November 6, 1982.

What I can not understand is that they are more indignant at these shouts than at the fact that a man, at the head of a country stricken because of his own mistakes, moves a horde of courtiers to spend the taxpayer's money in a country and the most expensive hotel in the world.

And all this, without these expenses being related to the function that he occupies.

As I have always said, those who take offense at what is happening in Switzerland must ask themselves this single question: why?

When citizens are raped, robbed, abused, hunted down, tracked down to "facies";that we cheat with impunity and grossly in all elections; We can talk about democracy when they can not hold a meeting or a press conference even in their toilet: how surprising that they use any available space to shout their anger at a regime and its representative living in Paris. their hooks and who do not even have belly recognition?

To all these talkers, I'm just asking: if you were from the Northwest and Southwest;that a member of your family was a victim of the burrs of the army; that your house was razed without cause; that your family was forced to live in the fields of Menoua, Bamboutos, Littoral ... I would see if you will go with flowers at the Intercontinental Hotel in Switzerland to applaud the Head of State, Head of Government, Head of armed, first magistrate, first sportsman ... leader of the iniquitous party and especially a man "always hot guys".

The mere fact that he is in Switzerland on a holiday resort with thugs around him while his country is dying, alone justifies that we no longer have any regard for his person.

Tell those young people who are demonstrating in Switzerland, what else should be done to indicate their dissatisfaction in their country when all opposition is embellished.

In Africa, we respect the old, especially the ancestors: but on the condition that they respect themselves.

What is being played out at the Intercontinental is the will of a part of a people to tell a "king" of the tropics that it is no longer possible to accept at the top of the state, a man who pleased to enjoy the benefits of power by not performing the work for which it is paid.

The more days pass, the more risks he runs, his clique included, are great.