Friday, June 14, 2019

Can we avoid death, prison or problems in Cameroon?

When I came out of prison almost 02 months in Yaounde at the end of 2018, I was advised to avoid other problems, to no longer criticize the authorities of Cameroon because it is my future, my security, from that of my family, from my life that I had to work on rebuilding, to "leave these people with their things," and so on. Good advice certainly but pious at the same time because the Cameroon itself, for 37 years that it is held with an iron fist by a criminal and mafia association, is at the same time a wall of lamentation, a cemetery and a open prison.

It is not because we have "left these people with their thing" that will escape a death by accident on the road ... sorry! ... Yaoundé-Douala track lack of highway. It is not by letting Biya and her family tyrannize in peace, by being silent about the injustice suffered by others that we will escape death in a hospital for lack of quality care and at a lower cost. This is not because we are hiding behind a fake Facebook profile to insult activists Boris Bertolt, Paul Chouta, Ndzana Seme, Patrice Nouma or J.Remy Ngono just because they are fighting to awaken our consciences, that the life will be less expensive for you in the market, that we will not suffer the scam of school officials who demand exorbitant fees to parents at the start of school.

It is not because one "avoids problems with the system" that motorist, the policeman or the gendarme will not require you "his part" at each checkpoint. It is only because we have said "I prefer to drink my beer in peace" that this beer will not surround your liver with cirrhosis that will eventually send you to the afterlife. It is not because one decides to remain silent in the face of the disastrous situation of the country that one is better served in the public administration by a corrupt official than the one who denounces it. It's not because we sing "Paul Biya, always hot guys, hot hot! "That businessman, his bills will not wait months or even years to be paid by the Treasury, that the tax will not screen you taxes, etc.

It is also not because one avoids going to prison by refusing to answer the call to peacefully protest a union, a civil society organization or a political party or even to shout loudly and loudly at a chaotic governance that is safe. The laws in Cameroon have the distinction of being villainous in that it represents a trap for the citizen and a protective armor in the service of the underworld that governs in this country. Consequence: just a whim of a shoulder shoulder or I do not know what other big hat this country and your life is rocking. It is enough to visit the central prisons of Yaoundé or Douala to find that thousands of Cameroonians find themselves without judgment, most often because of an abuse of authority. People without history with "these people".Sometimes also people who have supported the power of Yaoundé to shout.

It often comes back to me from those who surround me or to me, what does it mean to be as demanding towards the power of Yaoundé when we know that nationalists or charismatic characters in the history of Cameroon and even Africa such as Reuben Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie, Ernest Ouandie, Thomas Sankara, Norbert Zongo and Patrice Lumumba were killed without their ideas or ideologies having prospered after their departure. Certainly, to the taste of some, the emblematic figures above-mentioned should have worked to live their peaceful life by caring for their family. But you always need people who say "no" to some established order to change the course of history. It took the American black Rosa Park refuses to give way in a bus to a white so that racism is now reduced to its US portion. It took Nelson Mandela to sacrifice 27 years of his life in prison for apartheid to be a distant past in South Africa, it took French writers such as Voltaire and Montesquieu write against slavery in the eighteenth century to that it is no longer the universal rule nowadays.

Yes, Um Nyobe, Sankara and others were killed taking their ideas with them. But what has become of their executioners and traitors to their cause? What became of the terrible and all-powerful boss of the Cameroonian secret service Jean Fochive who interrogated and then led Ernest Ouandié to the scaffold in the early 1970s? Death in misery. Who still remembers Mayi Matip who betrayed Um Nyobe? Not a lot of people anyway.Mobutu plotted against Lumumba in the DRC, what was his end? Vomi by those who made him king and buried in the Christian cemetery of Rabat in Morocco, in total indifference. Even Colonel-offender Emile Bamkoui, who made me an exile, will end up in the worst possible way, for all the blood he shed in Cameroon. Better a living coward than a dead hero, retort some, but it's better to die a hero than to die zero!

Reporter: Michel Biem Tong