Monday, June 10, 2019

Cameroon - US: Reaction Between Americans As 116 Individuals From Cameroon And Congo Crossed Rio Grande River Into The U.S On Thursday

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U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector apprehended a large group of 116 individuals—from Angola, Cameroon and Congo—after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande River into the U.S. on Thursday, 30th May, 2019.

"Last Thursday evening, agents picked up a group of 116 African immigrants crossing the river in the Del Rio sector," the CBP said in a May 31 news release.

Watch the video below

Read below reactions from some Americans who took to social media to reject illegal migration:

"Man, I bet those babies are particularly dangerous. I'm literally shitting myself thinking about the ethnic food they might cook in the US."

"Babies can cook?"

"Praying that they can all be moved safely and humanely into the Midwest." Bless them

"There’s room, and jobs. We welcome them."

"Hoping they are sent right back where they came from but if not praying they end up next door to you and that you have nice young daughters or sons they can prey on."

"How do families from Angola, Cameroon and Congo wind up in Mexico in order to cross the border into the US to seek asylum? It begs to be asked what are they fleeing that would compel them to make such an arduous and dangerous journey?"

'They are fleeing poverty..........but we will soon be as poor as they if we keep letting them in. We must send them back and all of them!"

"The key word is families.  You could see children in the film.  They must be so scared in the dark water."

"Dangerous? No, not by force, but possibly with communicable diseases that spread in our country. Measles outbreak, typhoid, etc. Time for us to fix our own country first, then Help them fix their country so they stay there."

"Think about supporting them."

"Hopefully, they don't have AIDS. If they do, on top of all their educational and other socio economic needs, they will rely on the state to keep them alive for the rest of their lives. Payment for those services have to be collected somehow, and it will be from the middle class."

"Case of Cameroon this is what they are running from. Anglophone Crises of peaceful protest has ended is massive arrests, displacement, genocide, burning down of entire villages, torture like your brain cannot imagine &the UN security council cousins of France & Uk are deaf."

"The Congo (if we are talking the RDC) and Cameroon are not stable countries with strong internal civil conflicts destabilizing them. On the other hand, Angola is just going through a prolonged economic crisis, caused by crashing oil prices and China cutting its investments."

"Hoping they are sent right back where they came from but if not praying they end up next door to you and that you have nice young daughters or sons they can prey on."

"Angola is communist. They fought with Russia and Cuba against South Africa. They made their beds, now they must lie in them."

"Right, we need more people with IQs in the 70s who can't speak or read English.  Did you know that the amount of money that it takes to take care of one immigrant in the U.S. can take care of twelve in Africa?"

"Not if I have anything to say about it!  We DO NOT need people whose IQs are in the 70s, who can't speak or read the language, and who will live at the taxpayer's expense for their entire lives."

"Very scary. There's an ebola outbreak in africa"

"As much as people would want to go to the USA whatsoever, Angolans have no reason to go as legal immigrants. Angola has no crises that can make people to use such channels to get to the USA. We go to USA legally as tourist not as immigrants."