Friday, June 28, 2019

Cameroon - Hôtel Intercontinental: A Swiss journalist present a complaint of assault against Paul Biya's guards

Descended in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva to cover an anti-Biya protest, a RTS reporter was savagely beaten by the likely big arms of President Paul Biya's bodyguards.

Demonstrations against the presence of the Cameroonian presidential couple at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva are officially scheduled tomorrow Saturday, June 29, 2019 in Switzerland. But some protesters eager to fight with Paul and Chanta Biya, have anticipated by going to shout their anger every day since Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

It is therefore to cover these "pre-tastes" of the big meeting of Saturday, that the local correspondent of the RTS, Adrien Krause was attacked June 26, 2019 by big arms, probable guards of the body of the president Cameroonians.

With on his left the Cameroonian protesters and on his right men with "bodyguards", the reporter Adrien Krause is at first an eyewitness to a charge of men out of the hotel against activists of the Cameroonian diaspora In Occident.

"The tension is rising, the opponents and I are crossing the road to the opposite sidewalk and it is at this moment that these likely bodyguards decide to take action. They literally melt on the opponents. They understand quickly that it will degenerate, they run to escape "says our confess who thought himself safe. Fault !

"A man realizes that I'm filming the scene, he warns the other bodyguards and that's where they all get on me. I am molested, my bag containing my professional equipment, my phone and my purse are torn off. They go back to the hotel with all my stuff, not without crushing my sunglasses on the ground. "

After regaining his senses, Adrien Krause decided to file a complaint against his attackers, notwithstanding any diplomatic immunity that would cover them.

"I was able to recover my belongings thanks to the intervention of a member of the diplomatic security brigade. With the question of diplomatic immunity, It's going to be very difficult. Maia, I'll make a complaint. I hope that my complaint and the investigation that will follow will clearly identify the people who attacked me and robbed in open street in Geneva, on the public road "concluded Adrien Krause who is correspondent to the Geneva office of Swiss Broadcasting.