Friday, June 14, 2019

Cameroon: from Kondengui, Maurice Kamto writes to the Paris Bar

Having come to meet Maurice Kamto in jail, the two French lawyers had simply been pushed back to the gates of the prison without any reason.

Indeed, during the week in Cameroon for the solemn return of the bar, Me Basile Ader, wanted to visit in prison the opponent Maurice Kamto with two collaborators. Only access to this penitentiary center was denied.

Me Basile Ader, president of the International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger (OIAD), and vice-president of the Paris Bar, said however that he obtained permits of visits in order to meet his colleague.

A situation deeply regretted by Maurice Kamto: "This incomprehensible and in any case scandalous attitude of the Cameroonian authorities provides ample information on the nature of the regime in which we live in Cameroon and gives full meaning to our fight for justice and freedom", he wrote in the note below addressed to Me Basile Ader.