Thursday, June 27, 2019

Brawl at the Intercontinental: the Swiss police note to the custody of Biya

Paul Biya at the head of a country in Central Africa where a writer can use his interpersonal skills to send a journalist to prison in violation of the criminal procedure believed that it would be enough for him to have good relations with Ueli Maurer, the president of the Confederation, so that his mercenaries transported to Switzerland have the right to smash his opponents in exile. Alas!

The Swiss police, who did not remain indifferent to a scandalous precedent on their soil, wanted to put in their place the bullies who serve as praetorian guards to the Cameroon dictator.

They were illustrated in the middle of the morning Tuesday by a brutal attack perpetrated on Cameroonian pro-democracy activists who came to demand their illegitimate president who fled last weekend of Cameroon to enjoy the convenience of life at home. William Tell's country after having created and maintained in his country the conditions of an interminable and particularly bloody war to reassure the situation in his country.

Believing in Cameroon, these barbarians had once again engaged in the only exercise in which they shine and feel comfortable, namely to break the opponent with bare hands, and distributed force savat to protesters who believed that they had to do only Paul Biya, but that they ran into uncultivated and robots recruited from the bottom of southern villages to protect a regime that was presented to them as that of the village, against the "invaders" "" nguelefiss "and" belobolobo ", as they are now taught" instructors "break with the republican spirit that founds an army, and especially on mission brain leaching, to overbid a crisis that only opposes two categories of Cameroonians: the tiny minority recruiting themselves in all ethnic groups who took Cameroon hostage and confiscated its property, and the vast majority who also asks to be considered as heir to the "garden that our ancestors cultivated

Hence the increased rage of these young people who are fighting against their compatriots a war which is neither theirs nor that of their country.

On arrival, they were entitled to the remonstrances of the Swiss police who formally forbade them to maintain order in the Swiss territory, much less to do so in the Cameroonian way.

For their guidance, they were advised to adapt to the tradition here that proscribes the assault on peaceful protesters, and above all to behave as they are, ie, customers like any other, instead of turning into security agents or other law enforcement agencies.

A ban that people should be congratulated, because an attempt to repeat their exploits on Tuesday at the event scheduled for next Saturday before the Intercontinental could have turned into a real tragedy in Cameroon "chocolate country".