Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Biya humiliated by the BAS in Switzerland: these elites prepare a response

After sacking embassies the day after the proclamation of the results of the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the anti-sardinards Brigade, Tuesday, June 25, 2019, stormed the hotel Intercontinental of Geneva where stays the head of the State. The regime's supporters are preparing the response.

Failure of a first attempt to disturb the private residence in Switzerland of the President of the Republic and his wife Chantal Biya. The security of the Cameroonian head of state controls the situation. It succeeded, quickly, to put out of order of dozens of onlookers who hoped to invade the premises of the Intercontinental hotel of Geneva, with the aim of proceeding to the expulsion of the personalities. Humiliated and thrown into the street like rascals, members of the Anti-Tank Brigade (BAS) promise to return to the charge on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

The threat is taken seriously by supporters of power who reacted in a statement jointly signed by Benjamin Sakem and Angeline Henzen, respectively president and secretary of the Democratic Rally of Cameroonian People (Rdpc) Switzerland. "We, militants of the Rdpc, gone to power, will never give these bandits the opportunity to disrupt the stay of our great friend. The site of Cameroonians from Belgium. We will use all means at our disposal to stop their low maneuvers and we tell them that the disorder will not happen in Switzerland. That the recreation is over because too much is too much. The BAS will now find us on its way. "

The signatories of this press release as ultimatum are clear. "We say this to this band of antipatriotes, apart from the arrangements made by the Cameroonian Embassy in Bern to secure the premises of the Embassy and the wake of the Intercontinental Hotel, we will ensure that none of their actions unhealthy things do not end up on Swiss soil and above all, that the stay of our head of state and national president of the Rdpc happens in good conditions ". Same firmness at the embassy of Cameroon in Switzerland.

Through another communiqué signed on Monday, June 24, which is also circulating on social networks, Leonard Henri Bindzi, the head of the diplomatic mission condemns "such a barbaric project that does not honor either the initiators or all those who propose to join in ". He warns: "The embassy, ​​which has taken all the necessary measures in accordance with the law and diplomatic practice, in conjunction with the competent authorities of the host country, warns against the personal risks incurred by the violators of the regulations in force. Switzerland, as well as against the possible slippage of the violent actions of vandalism envisaged with the hotel Intercontinental ".

Leonard Henri Bindzi therefore calls on the Cameroonian community in Switzerland, like compatriots living in neighboring countries, to "turn their backs on demonstrations" which for some time have "been an expression of hatred, violence and of tribalism ". All things contrary to the patriotism and love of Cameroon.