Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Before her trip, here's how Chantal reported treats Biya in Mvomeka'a

The latest news, the apparent president of Cameroon would have foiled the vigilance of his jailers of all sides, and would be on the old continent, probably in Switzerland, specialized country with France in the harassment of African dictators at bay.

Imprisoned for about 9 months in the cell chatelaine of his village retreat (Mvomeka'a by Meyomessala) from where it came out lately for inaugurations of chrysanthemums, maliciously assigned to residence in Cameroon by the Brigade-Anti-Sardinard who had not ceased to promise him baths of eggs and rotten tomatoes, if he set foot in Europe, the old Cameroonian president is since Sunday night in a country called Europe.

How could this be possible while his "close" collaborators who seek to smother the bedridden nonagenarian on the spot in Cameroon until m ** t follows, have sworn his loss, by communicating in as long as necessary to the BAS the schedule of "next releases"?

According to indiscretions, it is for humanitarian reasons that the president from the electoral heist (perpetrated by his collaborators with the complicity of the Constitutional Council in order to give himself time to agree on the name of his successor) would have benefited from the complaisance of, His Serene Highness Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, real president - by delegation torn off from signature - cumulatively with his functions as Minister of State Secretary General of the Presidency. More exactly, the young wife Chantal of the old sick president having very close acquaintances with the head warden of prison or kidnapper in chief, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the very one who also holds the President of the Republic elected Maurice Kamto in other cells, less comfortable those of this vast prison of 475,452 km that is Cameroon.

The deal between the real president waiting to be dubbed or proclaimed and the regent Chantal would have been that the first ensures that the BAS is aware of the old man's move for a medical stay in the country named Europe only when the trip will take place. already been done. On the other hand, this one who puts the top of shoes at home since the old man is no longer in possession of all his means, undertook under oath to bring back in a short time the illustrious hostage of the Nanga clan after having made sure that all the potions necessary for his puppetry were given him, considering the recent physical and physiological failures.

For example, on May 20 at the traditional grand banquet of this country at the Palace of Unity, the seeming nonagenarian president, visibly out of his lethargy earlier in the day with Tramadol shots, gave a hard time to the Regent Chantal, forced, mondovision, to lift her arms and legs, to straighten her head, chin and shoulders to pull him from his daze.

Even if for others he just feigned a state of bipolar disorder so that those who hold him captive him loose a little cluster and leave a little reconnect with Geneva, his famous "Intercontinental" and its famous lake, Lake Geneva.

That is what it would seem to have been when Chantou's language was released in snake tongue mode (watch the video above, just after Chantal tried for the second time to raise the arms of Paupol 1st), to convince those who want the head of his presidential husband that he is more than a puppet manipulable in the hands of the puppeteer, who answers him. In which case he would have succeeded.

And in this case, the BAS saw only red, too concerned last weekend to prepare the Operation "Game Over" that many say have been a success. A strategic setback that the people of Change will undoubtedly pay heavily, the dictator and his wife rubbing their hands and taunting Cameroonians to have managed to escape the death hospitals they have erected in Cameroon, to go heal in comfort European. But the results of Operation Game Over and the resolutions she gave birth to were not worth this small flaw that allowed the couple led by Franco-Cameroonian Chantal Pulchérie Vigouroux (also called Biya) to achieve his escape? Since, anyway, the carrots are cooked for the diet!