Friday, June 14, 2019

Bamileke hunting: Haman Mana persists and signs

This Thursday, June 13, 2019, the daily LE JOUR in a report broadcast on page 3 reports that during recent marches organized by the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, "several people were arrested on the basis of their ethnicity." Hence the title "MRC: Tracking Facies". Since the publication of this information, the newspaper is hot, receiving many criticism from Internet users. Contacted by Médiatude this June 13, Haman Mana believes that one should not attack his newspaper but "the police".Interview.

This Thursday your newspaper titled: "The MRC: the hunt facies". This information raises strong reactions and especially a lot of controversy including our page Médiatude where we relayed it...

People should not react to our One.People must react to the police and the gendarmerie who, when they arrest a protester, systematically ask him "where are you from?" This is the first question we ask all the protesters.

There are many Internet users who see your UNE believe that your newspaper is doing the propaganda of the MRC. What do you answer to these?

They must calm down. Tell them to calm down. And read the article. 100% of those who spoke did not read the article. Let them read the article and see. This is a report in the police stations and testimonies. I say that these are testimonies of protesters questioned and released. We did not do an article based on anything. These are testimonials. It is not a sight of the mind. This is not an opinion piece. It is supported by testimonials. We do not invent anything.They were people who were there at SED, at the PJ, where the first question was systematically "where are you from?" ". It's up to the police to attack me.

Does the newspaper Le Jour "roll" for the MRC as a certain opinion thinks?

It's awful stupidity. "Who rolls for whom?"Who rolls for what? People have become crazy in this country. People do not read the articles. It's easy to ride for the CPDM if the CPDM accepts everyone.

You take yourself away. Sorry!

I did not get carried away, I express with the tone that it takes a situation that is extremely serious. Where is my country going?

Thank you for your reaction and courage in your work!

Courage why? I do not need courage, I do my job. I do not need to be encouraged. I am not to be pitied. I do not have any problems. I did my job quietly. I'm not bothering.

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