Thursday, June 13, 2019

Arrest of Chouta: we have just made a political refugee

While waiting to see if there are new facts against him, I think that the decision to send him to prison for defamation and spreading false news is disproportionate and unjustified.

Bloggers have taken more and more space on the Web, hustling the practices of traditional journalists.

After 13 days of custody, blogger Paul Tchouta, under arrest warrant at the Central Prison of Yaounde.

After a phase of distrust, it is time for complementarity between journalists and bloggers.

The blogger Paul TCHOUTA was able to prevail by his freedom of tone. The latter expresses himself in his own name in his articles and does not hide behind false profiles.

I personally think that the incarceration of this blogger is a strong gesture of the authorities who want to control the public discourse and avoid any questioning of the authority of the State.

When he leaves prison, he will surely leave Cameroon for exile in Europe or the USA.

Will he be right?