Sunday, June 9, 2019

Anglophone crisis: Tortured by Amba boys in Bamenda, young Jude Efang Kuma who was abandoned in Yaoundé speaks out

The subject is highlighted by the newspaper La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) on newsstands June 7, 2019. This newspaper reports that the young Jude Efang Kuma suffers martyrdom for several weeks in Yaounde. This lower sixth grade student at Mbatu bilingual high school near Bamenda (North West) had to flee his hometown after being severely tortured by separatist fighters.

"About five months ago, the Amba Boys asked us to join them in the fight. Many of us refused. They threatened to kill us; they first cut our fingers, " says Efang Kuma, whom the LNE reporter met.

The latter is effectively amputated three fingers of his left hand. "Since we had always refused to join them, they decided to kill us. They shot us with traditional rifles. Some are dead; I received four bullets in my chest, but thanks to God, the heart was not touched, " continues the young man.

Left in critical condition, Jude Efang Kuma will be cared for in a hospital in Bamenda. Three balls will be removed there. "The doctors told me he could not remove the last bullet because it was too delicate. My mother and I left leaving a bill of 200,000 FCFA. We were deported to Yaoundé because we were not safe in Bamenda, " he says. It is in the Cameroonian capital that the fourth bullet was removed, according to the words of the concerned, free of charge in a private clinic.

Since then, he has been desperate for government assistance. "I wrote to the Minister of Territorial Administration (which coordinates humanitarian aid) more than a month ago to seek help for my care. But, I never received a return.. After this failure, I seized the Minister of Public Health on May 30 for the same solicitation, " explains the unfortunate.

To date, his requests have not had a favorable response to the government. He now hopes to make his cry of distress heard through the press.