Monday, June 17, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: The Red Cross Community Shows Concern

The Deputy Regional Director of the International Red Cross for Africa said it was necessary to respond immediately to help the suffering masses in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

Patrick Youssef spoke at a press conference in Douala, in the Littoral region, about the activities of the International Red Cross in the English-speaking regions, after a week-long visit to Buea and Mutengene, in the Southwest region.

He announced that his visit to Cameroon aimed to better understand the humanitarian crisis, the rise of violence in the affected areas, and to help the population to open to any humanitarian aid, from public or private organizations.

For Youssef, the situation in the northwest and southwest remains a concern. He revealed that the Red Cross was ready to intervene and defend the humanitarian dialogue in the crisis, so that solutions to the affected masses could be provided. He insisted that his institution was more concerned with the humanitarian aspect of the war than with political reasons.

By mid-December 2018, the International Red Cross had helped about 460 displaced families in Mutengene, and by May 2019 had expanded to another 120 displaced families in Ekona, still in the South West region.

The director expressed concern that they could not reach those affected, who sought refuge in the forests, who do not have access to food and other basic needs. Youssef is convinced that if the two factions involved in the war understand the need to reach out to the people concerned (who never wanted a war), through a humanitarian dialogue, part of the problem of this crisis should be resolved.