Saturday, June 29, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Fru Ndi has been Kidnapped Again!

Cameroon's fiery opposition leader Ni John Fru Ndi has again been kidnapped by unidentified armed men Friday, June 28, 2019.

The National Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, party was dragged out of his Ntarinkon residence in Bamenda Friday afternoon by armed men as he was about eating to take his medication.

Contacted by telephone, the SDF National Secretary for Communication, Denis Nkemlemo confirmed the information, adding that Fru Ndi had just returned from the hospital and was taking lunch to take his drugs when gunmen forced their way into his house shot the leg of one of his bodyguards and dragged him away.

"It is confirmed. We are told that armed men broke into his compound when he was just taking a meal after having left the hospital where he had been hospitalised. They asked for him,  shot one of his bodyguards on the leg and dragged him [Fru Ndi] out of the compound to an unknown destination," Nkemlemo said.

It is not known who is behind this new abduction of the opposition leader but it would be recalled that he was first kidnapped by armed men [fighting for the independence of a country they call Ambazonia] in Kumbo on Saturday, April 27, 2019 and only freed after over half a dozen hours in "detention".

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party was heading a delegation to Kumbo to bury Hon.  Banadzem Joseph Lukong, the party's group leader at the National Assembly when he was taken into "custody" by gunmen.

"From Bamenda to Kumbo,  the funeral convoy was subjected to several checks by security forces and separatist fighters. It was at Wainama that the 'boys' ordered Fru Ndi to follow them. He resisted and the shot rounds in the air. He then followed them in his car [to their camp]. With him was his driver, and the SDF National Treasurer, Atekwana Joseph Akonji and one other person," a statement from the SDF shadow minister of information said in April.

"Information reaching us indicates Fru Ndi was not kidnapped. He was taken for brief discussions as he passed through territories controlled by Ambazonia fighters. He has been released and allowed to continue his journey," Mark Bareta, a pro-separatist blogger wrote on Facebook a few hours after news of Fru Ndi's abduction at Wainama went viral.

But Bareta's post was apparently done when the chairman was still in captivity. It however confirmed that armed men fighting for the independence of a country they call Ambazonia were behind the act.

The chairman's abduction was further confirmed by videos of the opposition leader in the hands of Ambazonia fighters.

Videos show Fru Ndi visibly confident as he responded to questions put to him by his captors who said he had been "arrested and not kidnapped because he is still working for La Republique."

Asked why he had not recalled SDF Senators and Members of the National Assembly from Yaoundé,  Fru Ndi said the presence of these lawmakers in Yaounde gives him the forum to talk to President Biya. He explained to the "boys" that it would not be wise to recall the MPs and Senators because it is their stay in Yaounde that gave Hon. Joseph Wirba to tell truth to power.

Chairman Fru Ndi recently paid a working visit to the South West Region during which he visited the towns of Limbe, Muyuka and Kumba to see for himself the extent to which the sociopolitical upheavals have affected the restive North West and South West Regions.