Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Succession of Biya: Dion Ngute breaks into the list

The delusional welcome reserved for Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute by the people of Buea, and through them of the entire Southwest region, demonstrated to Cameroonians that he is finally the man of the situation. None of the current candidates, whether they are from the majority or the opposition, are able to obtain such an ovation in this region where the fire has been burning for three long years. It is not only the son of the country who has been acclaimed, but a man, in the eyes of the people, able to appease hearts and bring fraternity back to the people. For her, he is a character without spots, besides being head of the government. He succeeded where his predecessor and countless other politicians failed. To bring people spontaneously down the street, and to be ovationed, because he was perceived as a deliverer of slush of the violence of the armed bands that sow death in the villages, burn schools and hospitals.

Independence is fire, blood, tears, corpses

"Independence is fire, blood, tears, corpses": such was Aimé Césaire's response to Martinique which had watered him insults when he had opted for the departmentalization of Martinique, rather than for independence, in 1946. He went on to say: "Progress, it is not counted in shed blood, it is counted in spared blood, it is not counted in wasted human lives, it counts in human lives saved, you understand me, the PPM (its political party), refuses to pay, at any price, a pseudo-liberty, or a pseudo-promotion, especially since the shed blood is most often the blood of the innocent. It should be complemented by "like those young people who are dying in the NW and SO forests, while the children of their sponsors are quietly pursuing their studies in Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, etc. "

Cameroon is a turning point and you have to take this turning point

we are at a turning point, and you have to take this turn. It all depends on how we are going to take it, will we do it with our eyes fixed on the past, or with our eyes fixed on the future. The war did not pay. The NW and SW regions are currently being ransacked, destroyed, unlivable. The villages are empty. The population is in disarray. She is traumatized. She is tired of violence. The graves she digs can not be counted anymore. The independence which had been announced to him in three short months, is rather happily completing his third year without being realized. And finally, it's death lurking. More seriously, the Southwest is paying more than the North West, the price of "independence" remote control since exiles comfortably settled in America, the US passport in their pocket, as once the Mungo had cruelly paid the actions of the "maquisards" from 1957 to 1970. We must turn this page and open a new one. The army has not been defeated. She will not be. She will not withdraw from NO and SO. She is there to fight the bandits and protect the population.  Independence did not occur. International recognition is not there. It is the GREEN-RED-YELLOW that always floats on the masts. And there are 1500 dead. For nothing. It is not smart to continue. The time to lay down the weapons has long since sounded. The time of capitulation. Odjoku in Nigeria capitulated. General Lee, leader of the American Civil War, surrendered. It is even more criminal than at the beginning to pursue a bloody adventure without a way out. Indoctrinated young people go daily.They leave the forests, and return to a normal life. They no longer believe in "independence". They are disillusioned. They understand that they are dying for nothing.

Peace: it is in Yaounde that it happens and not in New York

It is the Cameroonians who will bring peace, them and them-alone, not the UN diplomats. Joseph Dion Nguté was hailed as an issuer, not the US Permanent Representative to the UN. Joseph Dion Ngute is a son of the country, not the US ambassador to the Security Council. Joseph Dion Ngute defends his homeland Cameroon, not the permanent US representative at the UN. His family dealership was set on fire, not that of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State (Minister of Foreign Affairs). The peace in Cameroon, is passing by him, Joseph Dion Ngute, and not by any individual or group living in New York, Washington, Montreal, Berlin, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and flooding daily with Facebook about insulting and incendiary.

The time of ultimate sabotage

Naturally, countless Cameroonians eager to access Etoudi can only minimize what has just happened at the SW. For them, we need an "inclusive dialogue", hear a job-sharing meeting like in the DRC which ended with four vice-presidents, one per armed group, to bring peace to Cameroon. As a result, they fuel the war and sabotage any initiative that does not lead to "inclusive dialogue". They, their eyes and ears are desperately focused on the "international community", who would come to power. But, the joker Joseph Dion Ngute has arrived in real trouble. He is throwing sand in the tapioca. It becomes inedible.