Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sparrowhawk: this is how Ayolo Mvondo squandered public funds in France

This is a result of an investigation conducted by our colleague Moundé Njimbam, based in France. In his narrative, the Cameroonian activist reveals the conditions in which the official residence acquired at 3 billion by the former ambassador today Director of Civil Cabinet of the presidency Samuel Ayolo Mvondo.

In a video shot in front of the residence abandoned by Samuel Ayolo Mvondo, our colleague denounces the waste of public funds which, according to him, could serve to improve the living conditions of the Cameroonian populations.

Below is the story of Moundé Njimbam

A new ambassador of Cameroon in France was, at the end of a decree of the President of the Republic, appointed on March 29th.

This is Mr. Alfred Nguini, former holder of the same function in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire. His appointment comes a year after the departure of Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, his predecessor for this function, who left Paris for the paneling of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic.

As most people know, after the investigations I have been conducting for a year, the official residence he will occupy is located in the Paris region, in the town of St-Maur des Fossés, at 25- 30 minutes from the Porte d'Auteuil, where is the Embassy of Cameroon in France.

This one acquired in 2008, on the basis of documents that I obtained from the Public Finance Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Creteil Land Advertising Service, the notary, Mr. Thibaud Ergaste and the former owner, for an amount of 4, 3 million euros, or nearly 3 billion CFA francs, was shunned by Samuel Mvondo Ayolo.

He had then invoked several reasons: the distance, the situation in flood zone, the interior degradations, etc. Arguments cross-checked with the town hall, defeating the question of the flood zone, "pure invention", according to the technical services. As with the Cabinet of Ushers, Kerner and Associates, which established a statement of compliance after the departure of Mbella Mbella to the Government, in March 2015.

In its wake, despite these counter-arguments, Mr. Mvondo Ayolo had then preferred a princely rental of 180,000 euros per year (more than 120 million CFA francs), or 15,000 euros per month, located in Paris at 63 rue Michel - Ange Auteuil in the 16th arrondissement. An outrageous expense for a country limited in its financial resources. And where, at the same time, refugees and displaced people from the crisis in the North West and South West, lacked everything and water populations, across the country.

After, our work of investigation and our incessant interpellations, it comes, there is some time to resign the lease of this other particular hotel, having made pay in June 2018, the last installment of 180. 000 euros after the SGPR, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh vetoed this file.

As a reminder, the soap opera of this residence fed the chronicles of the press, against a backdrop of tensions between Samuel Mvondo Ayolo and his principal collaborators including the tax-payer, Christophe Ketchankeu. It also prompted the sending of a mission of the National Commission Anti-Corruption, led by the former Minister Garga Haman Adji, came to investigate the regularity of the purchase transaction in 2008, the official residence of the 'ambassador.

We are on standby so that the new ambassador actually occupies the residence acquired at a golden price in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. Spending money in a luxury hotel is another boon in these times of lean cows in our country, where one dies of thirst for lack of drilling.

In which case it is clearly put on sale or allocated to temporarily house the MAISON DES CAMEROUNAIS DE FRANCE.