Sunday, May 12, 2019

Socio-political crisis: the hidden plan of Biya and Fru Ndi revealed

The purpose of the Prime Minister's trip to NOSO is no longer a mystery. Mr Ngute has come to meet exclusively Mr Fru Ndi and the SDF with the aim of organizing a semblance of feast of May 20th and strengthening the RDPC-SDF tandem because the crisis in this region threatens the long-standing alliance between the two parties . His statements about dialogue in the NOSO are only his and his alone for the moment. The goal is to make the world believe that Cameroonians are talking.

The statements made by the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr Ngute, on the dialogue in Cameroon are binding on him alone. There is an expression that states that "what is clearly said is easily stated".This announcement of dialogue would have been clear if it had been done by Paul Biya the chief twitterlogue or if Mr. Ngute had made this declaration in Yaoundé, solemnly in a council of minister or before the members of the national assembly for example . Mr Nguté made his statement in an empty street in Bamenda, along with Fru Ndi, the boss of the SDF, the associated party of the CPDM. He has so much trouble expressing the content of this dialogue that he needs a week just to say it. Moreover, at this very moment, I think that even the great sorcerer's apprentices of the Yaoundé regime are not able to tell us what this dialogue is about, which Mr Ngute is talking about.

I am going to transcribe here an excerpt from Mr. Ngute's speech to the leaders of the sub-region: "The Fon des Fons (the invisible incapable) instructed me to come and tell you, to order your children to come out of the forest. Once out of this forest, the invisible incapable will give them work ". Just this excerpt tells you about the colonial mission of this administrative clerk who has certainly taken, with the cold welcome he has received, the measure of the situation but who continues to believe that illusions and cosmetic actions are on today's agenda.

After this emotion of the announcement of the dialogue, let us concentrate a little bit on the contours of this visit of Mr. Nguté.The Yaounde regime is still dreaming of organizing a semblance of unity feast on May 20 in the NOSO. The principle of this type of organization is known and consists of minting fake extras who are sometimes chartered by charters from neighboring departments, and which are framed by death squads, the time of a clumsily called image for the 8 pm news on the CRTV.This kind of mission was once entrusted to the expert house, Mr. Atanga Nji. But even by the latter, it seems that the recipients never see the color of okra.That's why, Mr. Ngute, apparently the only clean Mr. of the regime, had to go down himself on the ground because this 20 of May is very important. That's why Mr Ngute relies on their old ally, Fru Ndi and his homeless. If they succeed their coup May 20, this would constitute with this announcement of dialogue a proof, for the international community, that Paul Biya, by his absence and his tweets, makes advance Cameroon against wind and tide.

Beyond that, it will strengthen the RDPC-SDF tandem because the crisis in this region threatens the long-standing alliance between the two parties. This visit will place the SDF in the forefront of the opposition while softening the increasingly virulent criticism of the SDF vis-à-vis the power. Fru Ndi, president of a party that came fourth in the last election, sees himself as supra mediator of the dialogue. He is just adorable this Candide!

To fully understand the real reasons for this exclusivity that the Prime Minister granted to the SDF in the NOSO, it is important to remember who is Fru Ndi and the SDF, what is the situation in the NOSO and what is the state of relations between the SDF and the CPDM.

Fru Ndi and the SDF:

- Fru Ndi is the one who created the first opposition party in the 1990s, the SDF, responsible for legitimizing the "democracy" of the CPDM for almost 25 years.

- The SDF is the most established party in the NOSO

- Fru Ndi and his SDF has established a tandem with the CPDM which captures the majority in all elections in Cameroon and guarantees the SDF the place of first opposition party. Of course, all this was before Maurice Kamto took matters into his own hands.

- Fru Ndi is the only political and administrative figure living in NOSO, while mayors, sub-prefects, prefects and governors have all been relocated. He finds it difficult to convince all observers that he enjoys such tranquility in the area without the protection of the BIR or the complicity of the regime.

The situation in NOSO:

- In three years there have been more than 20,000 deaths in NOSO, not to mention those who are missing. The 1850 deaths of foreign NGOs are only an estimate of the reported deaths.

- The region is emptied of its population which is scattered in other regions and in Nigeria with no possibility to participate in the votes against the resistance of the citizens.

- The NOSO populations criticize the SDF for not having sufficiently carried the voice of the English speakers and to stop the CPDM in its NOSO francophone settlement program.

- Anglophones eagerly awaiting decentralization, turned to the federalist demands that led them, for lack of response, to the option of secession.

This is an extremely frustrating situation for the SDF, which is beginning to realize that with all these new data, it may be a thing of the past. It is this possibility of disappearing as a party that has decided the SDF to rise to the crenels to finally denounce in a frontal way the perversions of the CPDM state in the NOSO.

The state of relations between the SDF and the RDPC:

The relations between the SDF and the CPDM are not in good hands. The SDF criticizes the CPDM mainly for not having allowed it to capitalize on its strength as a party of Anglophones and to have ranked 4th in the last presidential elections.Indeed:

- If there is one party that should not have participated in the last election, it is the SDF. But the SDF has agreed to go to the elections to accompany its ally of the CPDM.

- The RDPC, under pressure from the penalty brilliantly scored by Maurice Kamto, will relegate the SDF to the 4th place in the championship, behind Cabral Libii, a candidate without a political party.The SDF will call the CPDM account which will quickly reassure his partner by explaining that the pressure exerted by President Maurice Kamto was very strong, and that it was not even won. He promises to fix it in the next election. And to look good, Joshua Osih will have a jump seat at the Fecafoot.

- The SDF will introduce a request for the annulment of the elections because of the non-participation of the Anglophones (which was absolutely correct), wipe a mockery of the CPDM and the Constitutional Council, before going anyway to support and install loudly Paul Biya on his spoils of hol-dup. Is the SDF a chameleon or a bat, you have the choice.

- The SDF, like all Cameroonians besides, not seeing concrete action of the CPDM to guarantee a second place for all future elections, will begin to inflate the muscles by publicly denouncing, as the RCM, the masquerade that happens in the NOSO.The CPDM will arrest the leaders and supporters of the MRC to give way to the SDF but it is clear that the desired effect has reversed.

- The SDF Joshua Osih and Fru Ndi will move up a gear by clearly accusing the regime of being the guardian of the fake groups of Ambazonians who commit all the crimes that one wants to attribute to the real resistance fighters. Extraordinarily, there will be no reaction throughout Cameroon as if it was an achievement that it was the regime that was driving the genocide that takes place in the NOSO.

- The state-RDPC, to calm the SDF, will offer to stop their leader and some members to give them the same visibility as the MRC. The SDF will refuse, which is why the option of removal of members of the SDF by the Ambazonians of the regime was chosen. Thus, after the kidnappings, especially that of Fru Ndi, some press the latter as the new Jesus, ready to die for his people.

- To cover the operation, Fru Ndi accuses the Ambazonia fighters of being biased by attacking only SDF militants and carefully leaving out those of the CPDM. At the same time, he says he is disappointed by the atrocities committed, including the destruction of properties and hospitals by soldiers.

The SDF, in chameleon or bat, must at the same time, capitalize its proximity to the NOSO people by stating that "the government of Biya has lied to the world, which is not good for us", while remains available for the CPDM, his ally, by keeping his parliamentarians in assemblies where they do not have the right to open their mouths.In any case, for the parade of May 20, the SDF made a proposal for release to Mr. Ngute, disguised in an interview where he says, "Then the CPDM (and SDF) activists will go to Nkambe, organize the parade, come here and leave, then trap Fru Ndi and Awudu." This parade proposal roaming of the SDF, has the advantage that it can give the state RDPC through CRTV, images of parade in several cities of the NOSO John Fru Ndi takes care to announce that his party would not participate in the parade they will be in the CPDM contingent, finally the arrival of the first minCameroon, Mr. Ngute in the NOSO, received by the former English-speaking prime minister, after more than 100 days of the judiciary, on this precise date of May 10, 2019 is not at all a coincidence of timing. Indeed, it is safe to assume that this visit is under pressure from the international community. And the response the regime wants to bring to this pressure from the international community is to broadcast images of a gigantic May 20 parade across the country, including in the English-speaking area, while the military continues to kill the citizens.Hence the intervention of Mr Ngute, instead of Atanga Nji, who took care to surround himself with the support of Fru Ndi and the SDF to have his images.

As for this story of dialogue that Mr Ngute used as a Trojan horse in his journey in NOSO, let's wait to see Paul Biya's reaction when he hears this news.