Saturday, May 11, 2019

Political dialogue: the double game of Paul Biya

History is the matrix of politics. The multiple exits of Paul Biya on social networks, the visit of Prime Minister Dion Ngute in Bamenda are simply smokescreen. A communication strategy to make the public believe that it has decided to change. But it is not so. He is a baker.

Paul Biya knows that the international pressure is very strong and will increase if he does not move. He decides to deploy a makeup strategy. That is to say, to pretend to solve a problem when in reality it is maintained.

For a dialogue with English speakers and the appeasement of the political climate in Cameroon. There are so-called prerequisites:

- The release of all English-speaking prisoners unjustly held in prisons.

- The release of Ayuk TABE and the 40 arrested in Nigeria.

- The liberation of Maurice KAMTO, his allies and All political prisoners.

- The sacking of all ministers involved in the Anglophone crisis.

- A trip from Paul Biya to Bamenda.

These conditions are prerequisites for the beginning of a reflection on the opening of a dialogue. That is, these are the minimum steps before people start thinking about how the discussions will be done.

But Biya sends his prime minister who meets the CPDM, sub-prefects, the military, the SDF and makes believe that there is a beginning of dialogue. It's just stupidity. To make matters worse, he is accompanied by Paul Atanga Nji. That is the most hated minister in Cameroon after Ferdinand NGOH NGOH. In fact it is the same strategy deployed with Yang, Esso and Fame in 2016. Today we have a civil war. These people do not understand.

Paul Biya never spoke to anyone, not even FRU NDI in 1992. Do not talk about receptions it was Belinga Eboutou who was arranging. Besides Bolingo called FRU NDI "John". They were good friends.

As long as Paul Biya does not fulfill the 5 conditions mentioned above. Do not dream. There will be no dialogue. Paul Biya He's a baker. All his ambition boils down to dying in power. And even if it is necessary to commit a genocide it will do it.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt