Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Political Crisis: Paul Biya does not want to leave Cameroon anymore!

Sunday 05 May 2019 marks two hundred and thirty (230) days during which HE President Paul Biya has not crossed the borders of Cameroonian territory, whether by land, sea or air.

According to the newspaper Cameroon Tribune in its 7879th edition of Monday, September 17, 2018, President Paul Biya and his wife Chantal returned to Cameroon on Saturday, September 15, 2018 after attending the China-Africa Summit of Beijing.

Since then, President Paul Biya has shuttled between the Unity Palace in Yaounde and his home village in Mvomeka, in the southern region of Cameroon.

Voluntarily or under duress?

An armed conflict that erupted in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon ahead of the presidential elections of 7 October 2018 has further deteriorated.This explains why no effective campaign has been held in these regions for the 2018 presidential elections.

At the proclamation of the election results, the Constitutional Council having declared President Paul Biya victorious, the party of the Cameroonian Renaissance Movement denounced the electoral fraud with the party's candidate, Professor Maurice Kamto, proclaiming his victory.

The war between the English-speaking militia called Ambazonia Boys against the army has, before October 2018, presented Cameroon on the international scene as a bad student from the point of view of fundamental human rights.

"Abduction" of interim leaders of Ambazonia State, self-proclaimed by the Cameroonian government of Abuja (Nigeria) in Yaounde in January 2018, killing of innocent civilians in northwestern and southwestern Cameroon, village fires , civil torture, periodic Internet stops in both regions have all attracted the attention of the international community.

Recently, the United Nations Security Council announced that on May 13, members would informally discuss the English-speaking problem. Earlier, the European Parliament had invited the United Nations Security Council to discuss the issue.

In its latest publication, the International Crisis Group called on the world powers to impose travel bans on key members of the government and other military officials who fuel the armed conflict in the northwestern and southwestern regions.

In April 2019, a confidential state document of the Presidency of the Republic was disclosed on social media.This document contained the names of eleven senior officers who were to accompany President Paul Biya during a private stay in Geneva, Switzerland carrying about six hundred and thirty ammunition of all types.

The document was sent to the Cameroonian Embassy in Switzerland for validation by the Swiss government. The response of the Swiss government has not been favorable to the Yaoundé regime. Political commentators in Cameroon believe that the presence of President Paul Biya in Cameroon for 230 days (as of May 5 and still counting) is unusual. For them, since the rise of the highest judiciary of Cameroon in 1982, Paul Biya practiced the "non-respect" style of government by entrusting all the powers to the Prime Minister and the Secretary General to the Presidency, while Spends most of his time on private visits abroad, with Switzerland being his preferred destination.

President Paul Biya has spent four and a half years abroad, during his 36 years as head of power in Cameroon, as part of the organization's Crime Reporting and Corruption Project (OCCRP). ). The OCCRP also said that in 2017, President Paul Biya had spent nearly sixty days 'private visit' in a luxurious five-star Continental hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2009, President Paul Biya devoted 1/3 of the year abroad, adds the program OCCRP. Why President Paul Biya spends more time in Cameroon has now aroused many interpretations. Love for the homeland? Teach by example? External pressure to resolve sociopolitical tensions? The questions can go on and on.

While spending more time in Cameroon, President Paul Biya has adopted a new form of communication with Cameroonians. Today, he is present and imposes on Twitter and Facebook, transmitting messages of peace and nation building to his followers. When will President Paul Biya and his wife leave Cameroon? Your proposal is as good as mine.