Saturday, May 11, 2019

Paul Biya and Jean de Dieu Momo announce the release of Maurice Kamto

While football madmen watch the champions league, Jean De Dieu Momo and the president Biya Paul's page hosted by mrs BABOUKÉ, INDIRA's father, announce the impending release of kamto.

In their latest publications of May 7, 2019, the Minister Delegate for Justice and the President of the Republic prepare Cameroonians for the forthcoming and certain release of kamto and companies.

While pressure has increased on the power of Yaoundé recently to finally make use of the right of pardon and arrest of prosecutions that the Constitution recognizes - one of the few powers that the head of the State can exercise alone and on its own initiative - the Presidency announced Tuesday night the "unconditional" release of some prisoners through this sentence: "The important thing today is to forgive and forget, to strive together towards a common goal. "

Our reading: between what is published by the United Nations envoy and confidentiality, only the president's publications are real. the truth is that under pressure, the president will make use of the right of grace to liberate kamto in the coming days as a prelude to the feast of unity!

You can not produce a report in favor of the village child and obtain his release. we are not in the movies. this approach may whet the appetites of individuals like ayuck. In short, kamto and company will be released! The only equation that remains to be resolved is whether the coherent, "elected" president will accept the pardon of the "illegitimate" president?

Reporter: Aurel Cédric Mvomo Ondoua