Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 13 meeting: panicked, Paul Biya negotiates cancellation

Will be held eventually? Will not stand? The prospect of a meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday 13 May regarding the most dangerous security and socio-political situation in Cameroon has put President Biya's repressive regime in a state of indescribable panic, despite the serenity authorities on the occasion of the visit of Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

"After an official interview with the Minister of Communication, I can say that there is no meeting of the Security Council scheduled for May 13 on Cameroon. This rumor first announced the date of yesterday (Saturday, May 4, 2019), but nothing happened and nothing will happen after.

Thus reacted on Vision 4, a pro-regime television, the Sieur Atangana Manda, director of the Observatory of the media at the Cameroon Ministry of Communication, to the information published last weekend on his website by the weekly Jeune Africa, according to which "Despite African reluctance, the United Nations Security Council will hold, at the initiative of the United States, its first meeting on Cameroon on May 13, while the country is shaken by an armed conflict between English-speaking separatists and the central authorities. "

Why does the information on the UN Security Council meeting obtained from reliable and credible sources become grounds for speculation about its possible holding or not?

It is that the regime ending Paul Biya who dreads more than all this base - which could lead to decisions preventing him from engaging in his favorite game - to beat up or kill Cameroonians "dissidents" in the name of "Republican legality "or under the pretext of" restoration of the authority of the state ", has multiplied these days underground diplomatic maneuvers to defeat the initiative of the United States.

Maneuvers including the 72-hour stay in Cameroon "at the invitation of the Cameroonian Head of State" (Sic) of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, for the purpose of influence.

From diplomatic sources these maneuvers have somehow begun to bear fruit, the regime whose existence is consubstantial to the castration and systematic mulling of Cameroonians with some important allies in the United Nations Security Council ( powers under the grip of totalitarian regimes that have made Cameroon one of the advanced positions of their anti-USA offensive in West and Central Africa, to which France Macron joined for this exceptional circumstance, since having decided - in the case opposing Cameroonians to the power of Paul Biya- rowing against the tide of the story that has been written since the hold-up of October 2018).

The fact remains, however, that the US, which is resolutely engaged behind the oppressed Cameroonian citizens, if only for the purpose of depriving the Biya regime of its means of survival, namely repression, want to the UNSC on the Cameroon case.

So we are moving towards a postponement of the meeting of the SC and not towards its cancellation, as insinuated Sunday, the official of the Ministry of Communication Cameroon mentioned above.

Cancellation of the UN CS meeting? no !Report? Yes ! Provided that the Biya regime takes relevant initiatives of de-escalation

But the price of this provisional concession made to the regime so that it does not completely lose the face is decidedly very high: it is in the first place the release without delay of Maurice Kamto, while this one idea of ​​giving freedom of movement to the imprisoned successor of Biya makes urticaria grow to all the profiteers of the regime. The latter had rather convinced their leader of the correctness of a heavy condemnation of the impediment to tampering with the elections in circles, followed by a demonstration against him of the magnanimity of their president through a presidential pardon, which would make Biya the absolute master deciding supremely and discretionarily when and how Cameroonians who do not sing his praises can enjoy their civil rights or not, and at the same time, would definitively remove Kamto from the political scene.

The plan being implemented within the seraglio would be precisely to punish Kamto for daring to seriously shake Biya, putting him out of the political game, while being willing to compose later with the MRC, placed this time under the direction of another of its current managers.