Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Limbé: CPDM activist demands immediate release of arrested separatists

Helen Ebai, a lawyer, told Prime Minister Dion Ngute in Limbe that separatist fighters want the government to release all those arrested during the three-year-old crisis.

She thanked the Prime Minister for coming to meet the people so that peace can be restored in the North West and South West regions. But one of the major problems faced by government officials is that they often speak to protect their jobs or positions in government, rather than inform the government of the reality on the ground.

"My problem is that some of us have talked to boys. But when you tell them that, get out of the bush and put down your weapons for reasons of peace, they say that one group of people can not lay the gun and the others hold theirs. One of the reasons why the call to boys to lay down their arms was not listened to is that they also wanted all those arrested in the last three years, in connection with this crisis, to be released. "

She was one of seven people who made some interventions after Prime Minister was successfully transmitted its message of the head of state to the people, Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

The Prime Minister reiterated his message, as in Bamenda and Buea, that the head of state, Paul Biya, promised a dialogue to resolve the ongoing crisis. He reiterated that the issue of separation would not be on the agenda. "The boys say they can not go out because the military will kill them," she said.

Chief Atem Ebako of Talangai village stressed the need for the government to start the construction of the deep sea port of Limbe as one of the ways to pacify the inhabitants of the region. The Prime Minister, like his predecessor, Philemon Yang, said plans were already under way for the construction of the Limbe seaport.He revealed that the chiefs in Buea had sent him the same request.

Ngute said that everything said by the people would be passed on to the head of state for his consideration. He regretted that the crisis caused a sharp drop in school attendance of up to 20%. However, he was happy that, unlike elsewhere in the South West, schools are running well in Limbe. Senator Mbella Moki also thanked the Prime Minister for coming to see how the crisis can be resolved.

Source: Actucameroun.com