Friday, May 10, 2019

Legislative elections can not hold in the English-speaking area - SDF MP

The parliamentarian unveiled the content of his party's talks with Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute today in Bamenda.

This May 10, 2019, took place in Bamenda a meeting between the National President of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon Joseph Dion Ngute. At the end of this meeting, MP Simon Fobi Nchinda, who was part of the opposition party delegation, reported to the press the intentions of the government over the Anglophone crisis. "What we retain from the Prime Minister is that the President of the Republic is willing to negotiate with all Cameroonians including combatants.Provided that secession is not on the table. The second thing we remember is his willingness to seek a political solution instead of a military solution. "

Faith Nchinda said that the SDF has made four proposals. Among these was the "immediate cease-fire" in the two warring regions with the requirement for the Cameroonian armed forces to withdraw to their barracks while the separatist rebels would give up the fight. The Honorable Fobi Nchinda said that the SDF has insisted on the need to abandon the electoral consultations in preparation. "We have proposed methods for this," added the parliamentarian on this point. Elections can not take place in the North West and South West with the current insecurity. We have asked for regional, municipal and legislative elections to take place after peace has been read, "he said.

The SDF delegation also called for the immediate release of all prisoners of war, the appointment of a mediator who would meet separatist leaders present in Cameroon as well as those in Nigeria, Europe and North America. The SDF is waiting for the organization of a "structured debate" that would have nothing to do with the notions of "wide debate or big debate before. We do not want to have debates on Twitter like it happened recently. We want to have a structured debate that will happen to a product presented at least to the National Assembly and the Senate to punish ", demands the Spokesman for the SDF.