Thursday, May 9, 2019

Kamtogate: The mission secretly assigned to Longué Longué

What will ultimately remain, in the Cameroonian conscience, of the case of Simon Agno Longkana, aka Longuè Longuè ?? "Without doubt, we will remember that this gentleman has come to indulge himself in the unpredictable currents of the" vox populi ", slice Jean-Marie Ahanda.

In this verdict of the creator of the legendary group Les Têtes brûlées, a good part of the national public opinion is recognized. This is due to the confrontation of two logics: the Puritan, who does not accept the slightest defect of moral values, and the most tolerant for private life, which belongs only to people.

This was predictable, especially since the release of the "Liberator" on social networks gathered up to the caricature, all the elements of a cheap scenario. Yes, at first, Cameroonians have seen the author of "Ayo Africa" ​​let go, to criticize, scratch.

They saw him demolishing what he pretended to celebrate in some of his songs. Disillusioned, disappointed, even eruptive, some of the people believe that the winner of the Mützig competition in 2000 ended up breaking into a solitary face-to-face with his saviors yesterday. Conquering the brains of a daring general, Longuè Longuè ejected from the box that has fed him, to the point of denying his affiliations with Paul and Chantal Biya in particular. No matter the critics, he persists in choosing strong words, which he assumes and claims openly.

"With that, he diluted his life as an artist."That's Petit-Pays, Alexandre Claude Moundi. Enraged with hostile fury, mounted on their spurs of defenders of the current tenant of Etoudi, men and women have poured their hate. They laughed openly at him, calling him a histrion who waved in the media. In short, he is rejected out of the circle of reasonable people.

Slipping into different clothes, the son of Nkam tries to rectify a shot he had originally developed. He tries to rebuild his aura, after crumbling it. Nevertheless, it earned him a police arrest.

And then, the guy is released. He immediately returned. This time he has the will to show that he has changed personally. On the set of a television broadcasting from Douala, the singer strove to compose a melody that gives meaning and a horizon to his new posture.

He drew what the Anglo-Saxons call a "cherry picking", literally "picking cherries", an argument whose goal is, through bits of truth, to produce a rhetoric that does not invalidate its reading of 'a situation, while dismissing everything that could just contradict it. This rhetorical process, he injects into his offer to promote freedom of expression in Cameroon.

Formally, this cycle is consistent with what Longuè Longuè can do: distract the people. De facto, he mostly stayed in his hall, much more concerned about his performance as a musician out of nowhere and who broke through. He remained in his doxa (the "liberation" of the oppressed) only from the desire to show that he had changed personally. He raised serious facts in order to fill the grievance boxes at his expense.

In this exercise, everything was good for a loud bidding against the press. In this exercise of viperine arrogance and detestable sufficiency, the son of Nkam, who said that when you want to sell newspapers, we talk about him, quickly forgot that it remains a product forged in the media, that its visibility is artistically solid, under the effect of the media treatment, unlike some artists who have previously built themselves morally before being captured by the mirror of the media.