Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Kamto case: Kondengui 'raided' by Southern militants

The Assistant Treasurer of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) received, on May 5th, the visit of his comrades of the South region. The seven-member delegation, led by Narcisse Evina, representing Mrc in Mvilla, has come to support the leaders and militants of their party who have been detained since the end of January at Yaoundé-Kondengui central prison. In addition to foodstuffs, the Narcisse Evina band also gave Thierry Okala Ebodé an envelope whose amount has not been raised.

"We want to make it clear to citizens that Mrc is not a political party in a community that we are used to hearing. Cameroonians must know that one Cameroonian can not abandon another, whether on the political plane or on another plane; a Cameroonian does not abandon his brother. So we came to Yaoundé today to support our brothers, "Narcisse Evina contextualized. The latter did not fail to provide information on the daily life of this political party in his area of ​​jurisdiction.

"I remember once, I went to Akom II, I met the sub-prefect to inform him of my intention to raise awareness. The sub-prefect tells me no, it's been two days since I am installed, the militants of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian people are in meeting. So, you will come back and come back after this meeting. I objected because I had made expenses for that. I went to the field and encountered obstacles.

There were the forces of law and order, led by the commander of the gendarmerie brigade of Akom II.

"But, I did my job because in the Mrc, we are determined". Narcisse Evina adds that he works daily with Elecam. And that memberships in this political party are daily in his constituency.

Source: Mutations No. 4849