Saturday, May 11, 2019

Inside Etoudi: Paul Biya 'denies' one of his confidants and faithful friend

The official statement was made yesterday in the early evening in a very laconic statement from Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, the current Director of the Civil Cabinet to the Presidency of the Republic.

We were waiting for Paul Biya, who has just discovered the charm of social networks, to tweet about the death of this man who was particularly close to him.But so far, he has remained silent as a carp, very little compassion at the level of the seraglio in general.

Martin Belinga Eboutou had long been portrayed as the face of the presidential palace. Many would consider it according to Jeune Afrique as the first state figure after Paul Biya.

The pan-African magazine believes that Martin Belinga Eboutou had had a hard time leaving Etoudi's palace, even though he was already very weakened by the disease, he recalls.

Considered by the newspaper Mutation as the shadow of Paul Biya, Martin Belinga Eboutou was first appointed director of the civil cabinet in 1996, before taking the leadership of the representation of Cameroon at the United Nations in New York, in 1997. He had found the civil cabinet in 2010, as if to approach, once again, his eternal boss.

He died yesterday Wednesday, May 8 in Geneva, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, where he to whom he had dedicated his professional life spent so many stays. He was 79 years old.