Monday, May 13, 2019

Feast of May 20: Paul Biya caught in his own trap as Secessionist militias also declared a lockdown on that day

The two main political parties of the opposition and the traditional leaders of the South West region have announced that they will not participate in the traditional parade on May 20, national holiday. Secessionist militias also declared a lockdown during this period.

The Cameroonian political scene remains tense for a few days of celebrations of the National Day of the country, scheduled for May 20. After Maurice Kamto's Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of the historical opponent John Fru Ndi has just announced that he will not take part in the various ceremonies organized on the occasion of the national holiday of the country.

The reason advanced by the two main political parties of the opposition is the same, namely the government's deafness to calls for dialogue in the context of the Anglophone crisis. "As long as this war and this insecurity prevails, the SDF can not participate in celebrations marking the national holiday, and this on the extent of the territory," said Joshua Osih, first national vice president of the SDF, in a statement issued May 8th.

A statement that joins that of the deputy secretary general of the MRC, held a week earlier. In a letter to the regional leaders of his party, Justin Roger Noah said that the MRC "can not celebrate when Cameroonians are killed, while the government ignores".

Disturbances in the English-

speaking zone In the English- speakingzone, the secessionist militias once again called for a boycott of the May 20th celebrations. To make sure, two days of lockdown are announced for May 19 and 20.

Advised, the administrative authorities have taken steps to remedy this. In Buea, the governor of the South West region instructed all the traditional chiefs of the region to take part in the parade. "Each chief will hold a sign indicating the name of his village, and he will be followed by his people," said Bernard Okalia Bilai. Those who do not will see the consequences of their disobedience in less than 30 days, "he said.

Words that very quickly aroused the wrath of the people and the various leaders, who wanted to make known. On May 5, the traditional chiefs broke the tide in the city to denounce what they consider a "disrespectful measure". "The Fako people are constantly asking us questions. We wonder if we have problems with the government. It's not up to the governor to tell us when we have to walk. We respect him, let him do the same, "defended the village leader Bwassa, Ewome Eko John, joined by Jeune Afrique.

Calls for appeasement

In this climate of tension, the President of the Republic multiplies calls for calm.Since April 22, Paul Biya has launched a series of publications that he addresses daily through his accounts on social networks. Calls for patriotism and the promotion of living together for the most part.

But the tolerance advocated by President Biya struggles to find a favorable echo within the presidential camp, where the boycott announced by the opposition parties does not move. This is the case of the lawyer Emmanuel Pensy, who believes that "a good parade of May 20 is always happening without the disruptive as the SDF, the MRC and other micro parties".Their absence? "It's so much better," he concludes.