Thursday, May 9, 2019

Fall of Paul Biya: Messanga Nyamding exposed Gregory Owona

Prof. Messanga Nyamding has an extremely hard tooth against his comrade of the ruling party, Minister Gregory Owona, for having supported on national television, that it is possible to live in Cameroon with the SMIG (Guaranteed Minimum Professional Inter Salar) which amounted to CFAF 36,270.

Indeed, the guest of Cyrille Bochico in the program "Sacred Morning" of this Tuesday, May 07 on Radio Balafon was a politician and academic, Prof Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding.

The journalist and his guest returned to the statement of the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Gregory Owona, who said it is possible for a Cameroonian to live with the SMIG 36 270 FCFA. A statement that has angered many Cameroonians including Professor Messanga Nyamding.

" I am already tired of my comrade Grégoire Owona, who is one of the biggest opponents of the regime (Biya). These are actors who want to precipitate the fall of the president. I was shocked to say in times of crisis that a Cameroonian can live with 36,000 CFA francs. He could have said: "Because we are an underdeveloped country and as we are at war, for now, what the government has done is to put 36,000 FCFA at the disposal of Cameroon as the smallest salary "", Said the titular member of the central committee of the CPDM.

Prof Messaga Nyamding, staying in the city of Douala, explained that he is accompanied by his driver, to whom he gives a salary of 150,000 FCFA per month."Here in Douala it is housed in a hotel and has a sums every day to feed, I do not think for this course douala stay and for the only driver I only spent 36,000Fcfa".

Finally, the permanent teacher at IRIC did not fail to apologize to the Cameroonian for this statement held by the member of the government "It is no longer necessary to make this kind of statement, I apologize in its place, the effect of saying to Cameroonians who were shocked that once again we need new blood to revive renewal with President Paul Biya ".