Saturday, May 11, 2019

Crisis in Cameroon: when Ayah Paul Abine attacks Cabral Libii

Ayah Paul Abine, criticized the leader of 11 million citizens, Cabral Libii, for excluding federation and secession, in case a dialogue is needed to resolve the crisis in the North West and South West regions.

Cabral Libii, speaking on Equinox Radio on Tuesday morning, said any dialogue on the crisis should focus on decentralization.

Ayah Paul Abine, who heard Cabral Libii exclude secession and federation as options on the negotiating table, was unsatisfactory.

"When an anglophone pleads in favor of the federation, he is automatically officially marked with the sign of perdition.At best, he is abducted, tortured and kept in captivity. However, it reigns dictatorially for decentralization with little disruption, "said the former president.

He stressed that dialogue without preconditions is the only way out of the crisis.