Saturday, May 11, 2019

CONFIDENTIAL: Maurice Kamto and Co. reject Paul Biya's mercy

It is obviously the final Arms between Maurice Kamto, his allies and the power of Yaounde. Political detainees "prefer to die rather than obtain a pardon from Paul Biya," says one of our sources.

While the power of Yaoundé plans to release them in order to relieve international pressure on Cameroon, Maurice KAMTO and his allies reject "any leniency". They say they do not know "why they were thrown in jail and do not know why they should ask for forgiveness". That they were arrested in an "illegal and arbitrary manner and ask for justice".

This situation is fueled by the release of Me Assira, who not only in a recent forum at Mutations has basically left the thought that the no to the electoral hold-up was unfounded but also called to the good sense of Paul Biya. As if political prisoners were asking for Biya's forgiveness.

But for political prisoners Claude Assira does not speak on their behalf. They outright deny having solicited any negotiation with the power to obtain their release. Moreover, in his letter this morning, Maurice KAMTO has, as I had already made it clear, that he has not met any emissary of the government of Paul Biya. Our sources specify that only the group of lawyers led by Emmanuel Simh and Sylvain Souop speaks on their behalf.

For Maurice Kamto and his allies, Paul Biya's leniency is the equivalent of Clemence D'Auguste and they do not want it. They believe that this battle is for the Cameroonian people, the children and grandchildren who will not live in a country where people can be arrested because they walk peacefully. For this Maurice KAMTO and his allies say "ready to die in prison". For them, it is "the ultimate sacrifice".

Reporter: Boris Bertolt