Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cameroon - wandering lions case: A German expert has arrived in Cameroon. The felines are four in number as reported

According to GIZ, the German co-operation organization, the lions stray into three towns (Ntui, Yoko, Ngambe-Tikar) of the Mbam-et-Kim department, Central region, are four in number, instead of two as originally announced by the authorities.

The information is from CRTV radio . The state media also reports that a lions expert has been in Cameroon for several days. Dr. Hans Bauer , a German national, has bracketed his activities in Ethiopia to help the government manage this situation. He has already started working with the watch cell set up by the Minister of Forests and Wildlife.

"Dr. Hans Bauer and the Local Committee organized three sensitization meetings among the populations of the Mbam-et-Kim Department, sensitizing the latter on some preventive measures to be observed in order to minimize the damage of these cats with cattle herds. of goats, " reports the newspaper Mutations in newsstands on May 29, 2019.

In a few days, the felines have already caused considerable damage. They have eaten more than 30 oxen and goats. The German expert and the watch committee are looking for solutions to these raging lions. One of the tracks explored is the translocation or tagging of felines to closely monitor their movements. A solution that requires enormous financial and human resources. Meanwhile, people fear being attacked by these lions.