Saturday, May 11, 2019

Billionaire Fotso excludes Maurice Kamto from a Bamileke elite group

The Patriarch of Bandjoun demanded the exclusion of the opponent Maurice Kamto from a Social Group that brings together economic operators and elite Bamileke, the information is from our colleagues of "The Fourth Power".

Indeed, on his Facebook page this Tuesday, May 7th, The Fourth Power explains that: "on May 4th in Bandjoun, during the monthly session of the Social Group tontine held at his residence, Fotso Victor asked and obtained from economic operators and Bamileke elites, the exclusion of Maurice Kamto. He has shown that it is a decayed tooth that can rot all the mouth and that it is better to get rid of it "

Our confreres add that the support of Maurice Kamto present, as Siaka Gaston, Mukam Emmanuel and Prof. Gomsu remained speechless, while the overwhelming majority of GS 30 members hailed the wisdom of Patriarch Fotso Victor.

With reference to Maurice Kamto, the businessman spoke on March 2, 2019 in Bayangam, during a ceremony organized by Madeleine Tchuinte, the Minister of Scientific Research who thanked President Paul Biya for to have maintained the government. Victor Fotso then asked the nationals of the West, his region of origin not to seek the supreme magistracy.

A statement that immediately provoked reactions, some saw therein, the feeling of an economic operator who seeks to protect its positions of annuities vis-à-vis the regime in place.