Friday, May 31, 2019

Ayuk Tabe & Co.'s trial: Justice examines evidence in their absence

The prosecution presented Wednesday a series of documents, audio and video evidence that should support the charge against Julius Ayuk Tabe and his companions. Which were not present at the hearing.

The government commissioner presented Wednesday, May 29, the evidence to support the prosecution in the lawsuit between the state of Cameroon and leaders of the intangible state of Ambazonia for terrorism. These are the minutes of the judicial investigations, the audio elements of the exploitation of the detainees State Secretariat for Defense (Sed), as well as videos of the ongoing violence in the North-West and South-West regions. Where is. Some involve directly some of the accused.

The members of the first ephemeral government of ambazonia are prosecuted for acts of: complicity in acts of terrorism, apology for acts of terrorism, recruitment of persons for participation in acts of terrorism, financing of terrorism, secession, revolution, armed bands, insurrection, hostility against the fatherland, undermining state security, propagation of false news, failure of CNI.

"At the end of the investigation opened at the central service of judicial research of the National Gendarmerie, minutes were established. They find destruction, damage to buildings, fires, injuries, homicides and all the damage caused by the instructions and actions of the accused. Because the armed groups set up have really taken action, "said Engono Thadée, the government commissioner for the introduction of evidence Wednesday.

In detail, the band is accused of Ayuk Tabe for having played an important role in the transformation of corporatist claims of lawyers and teachers of English-speaking areas into a secessionist movement. The prosecution also sued them for encouraging, facilitating, and funding the training of armed groups. All things that support Engono Thadée, have undermined the sovereignty of the state in this part of the country.

"It should be noted that most of the defendants do not deny and even continue to claim belonging to these groups, because each of them has an armed group".

Wednesday's hearing was held in the absence of the accused. Ayuk Tabe and his companions appealed to the Court of Cassation concerning their return to Nigeria where they were arrested in January 2018. They brought this petition in turn to the Military Court and the Court of Appeal, and each time , been dismissed. They ask the Supreme Court to censure the non-compliance of the Court of Appeal's decision with the rules of law.

They seized Lieutenant-Colonel Jacques Boudouin Misse Njone for a letter asking him to stay the proceedings pending before the Military Court as a result of the appeal. The subject was debated during Wednesday's hearing. This, especially since the case had been sent back to May 29 for the appearance of the accused and their lawyers. "There are no legal obstacles to the continuation of this case.To believe otherwise would be to give reason to those who believe they can take the Tribunal hostage. This can not and must not be done, "said Me Hachet, one of the lawyers of the civil party. Relying on Articles 370 and 365 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the judge concluded by default that the entire proceedings would continue as if the accused had pleaded not guilty. The case is postponed until June 19th.