Saturday, May 11, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya cries for federalism

The position of the Head of State has evolved. Since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in October 2016, Paul Biya and his government have always ruled out the possibility of any debate on the form of the state. The President of the Republic seems to have put water in his wine.

Visiting Bamenda (North-West) from Thursday, May 9, 2019, the Prime Minister (PM) said that the Head of State is willing to discuss all topics, except the one related to the partition of the country. "He (Paul Biya NDLR) asked me to say that, apart from secession - because he as Head of State, President of the Republic, he swore to keep the country united, so the separation is not not on the agenda - but aside from this, any other subject can be discussed, any political problem can be discussed, "said Joseph Dion Ngute.

In other words, the power of Yaounde is now ready to open the debate around federalism. This reversal comes as several political parties, including Maurice Kamto's MRC (Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon) and John Fru Ndi's Social Democratic Front (SDF) have repeatedly urged the regime of Paul Biya to put in place a federalism with ten states, modeled on the current regions, this to allow a better autonomy of the regions. This is also the solution advocated by Chief Victor Mukete, the oldest senate.

The Head of Government announced that Paul Biya "is organizing a meeting where he will discuss all these problems". A Head of State, said the PM, reminding the separatist fighters "that they remain children of Cameroon ... they lay down their weapons and go to rehabilitation centers where they will be supported for free, where we will do everything to find something for them to do, "said Dion Ngute.