Friday, May 31, 2019

Anglophone crisis: Army releases 80 oxen taken hostage by in North West

Armed men who hostage their activity in the North West region are only targeting humans. Animals also interest them. Whole herds disappear every week since the beginning of tensions in the area. A correspondent for CRTV Bamenda, speaking on the national service's 13-hour broadcast on the National Post on 29 May 2019, reported the release of 80 cattle by the defense and security forces. These animals had been held hostage in a separatist camp near Bambili, in the Mezam department.

The CRTV explains that it is a statement of the chief of squadron of territorial gendarmerie of Bamenda which reveals this information. It invites legitimate owners to appear in the relevant departments within three days to identify their animals. If the concerned ones do not execute within the allotted time, the flock will be placed at the disposal of the municipality of Bamenda, reads moreover.