Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ambazonia: The fate of Sisiku Tabe now in the hands of Fontem Neba, report says

Dr. Fontem Neba, secretary of the SYNES-UB section and editor of the Anglo-Cameroonian civil society consortium, proposed to help mediate the stand-off between two Ambazonia leaders, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Samuel Ikome Sako.

Acting as the person in charge of the Southern Cameroon People's Conference (ASCPC), Mr. Fontem said in a letter that he had just been "awakened to the shocking events taking place in the interim government of Southern Cameroon. (Ambazonia) ". Critical moment in the life of this liberation struggle, the earthquake of the largest institution is not a good omen for our quest for independence.

Fontem, who was arrested on January 17, 2017, a few moments after the consortium's ban, and then released by a presidential decision of August 30, 2017, indicates the decision of "HE Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe to dissolve the interim cabinet while he is still in prison can not be treated lightly, because it reflects the inner frustration that permeates our body politic for some time and has now been expressed only through the President. "

According to the academic, it is necessary to resolve quickly and transparently this nascent crisis so as not to hinder the goals they set for themselves in Washington at the General People's Conference all Cameroon from 29 to 30 March 2019 .

"in the spirit of the resolutions of the CCPSA, including resolution establishing a dispute resolution mechanism, and given the current process, I consulted members of the SCLC, community leaders from southern Cameroon and United States Diaspora and some previous and current Cabinet members, and hereby announce the following time-related measures to bring peace and stability to the Interim Government and to ensure its long-term functioning. in the Southern Cameroon Revolution:

"Ikome Sako's Interim Cabinet suspended, even though country coordinators, RCs, ASCs and DoD continue to onctionner.

"A meeting has been called for Saturday, May 11, 2019. The details of the meeting will be disclosed only to the representatives of Sisiku's cabinet and the dissolved cabinet of Dr. Ikome Sako.

"Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and Dr. Ikome Sako will each be represented at the meeting by key persons.

" The interim government is suspended by the Southern Cameroon Liberation Council until this crisis is resolved. "

Fontem said he believed that the General Conference of the People of English-speaking Cameroon would be able to find a lasting solution to the internal conflicts which torment the interim government over the last twelve months and have affected the pursuit of the aspirations of their people. of society, urging them to join the SCLC and have a positive impact now.

"My fellow citizens, in this difficult time of our lives, when so many of us have been killed, many more are homeless and too many displaced people in camps, forests or other cities and jails, we can not afford the pain of instability disunity I ask your fervent prayers as we embark on the heavy task of stabilizing this ship, the interim government. May God grant wisdom and sincerity of heart to the SCLC, to the other colleagues of the conference and to myself as we consult and work hard to resolve this crisis peacefully and in the true spirit of national solidarity ", Fontem Neba puts an end to its crisis in the interim government ".